Unity UFO game script analysis Mikayla Lamont


To analyse means to study and examine in detail, typically to interpret or explain it. Being analysed is the Player Controller script from the Unity 3D game UFO. This is all the variables and functions of the script.




To synthesize is to combine all elements to form a connected whole. In the video below is where how the solution was thought of and how it came together.


void Start ()


lives = 5;

void SetCountText()


livesText.text = "Count: " + count.ToString ();

if (lives >= 0)

livesText.text = "You Lose!";



Player starts with 5 lives: For making this I used a lot of the code that was already in the script from the pickup section. The pickup code is very similar to the code i had to achieve in the end for the making life code.

Player takes damage when enemy collision occurs: For this part of the script it was changing some of the pickups to be ‘enemies’, this meant that when colliding with a pickup instead of gaining a point you loose a life.

GUI text displays ‘you loose’ when player lives reaches 0: The text displays the wording ‘you loose’ when the amount of lives reaches or is equal to 0. For programming this part of the new code there was a code for the ‘you win’ which was previously there. This text was to be shown when the count text reached 12, changing this was easier already having the basic code. All that had to be done was changing the words and changing the count to be reaching 0 instead of 12.


Contexts: Already having prior knowledge towards coding as I have been in ITS since year 7, this played a bigger part in knowing the basics of coding. As well as completing the UFO tutorial which gave the code meaning I just had to think of how to change the code to design a solution. The space I worked in were both home and in the computer lab, in class time is where I got majority of the work finished. With a few distractions by other classmates, Harry and Kaleb. Working at home I used the time more to make a template/layout of the Adobe Spark Page.

Inputs: For resources I used the computer lab resources mostly. So the Macs and headphones to watch the tutorials. As well as some use of my iPad to have the script up while I was writing my analysis. I used the original player controller script a lot to help me analyse and define as well as a basic point to write the life code.

In conclusion the task at first seemed difficult, but further analysing the script make the task seem easier. Seeing that the PickUp objects are similar to the code I was trying to recreate made the task a lot easier.


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