How to Live a Healthy and Balanced Life. savannah pacheco

Many people over the years have asked me how I increase my protein intake, or if I miss eating meat, or if I enjoy eating nothing but grass. Truthfully speaking, I chose to enter this journey on my own and i've felt nothing but positive feedback from my body. With eating healthier foods and consistently working out, my body feels much more refreshed and energized. A healthy life style means something different for everyone, find out how YOU can live a healthy and balanced life. I'll explain how I found balance within my own life.

The importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle:

Being healthy and balanced means something entirely different for everyone. We all have our own goals, dreams, and aspirations. But one thing we should all have in common is wanting to feel balanced and healthy. The perks of being healthy:

1. Injury, disease, and infections prevention.

2. Increased energy.

3. Healthy weight.

4: Most importantly… Good mental health!

Consequences of not finding that balance:

1: Low energy.

2: Increase rates of depression / anxiety.

3: Weight gain.. Overral not feeling healthy

4: Can't think correctly, get work done, or enjoy your own hobbies.

What would a healthy diet mean for you?

As I stated before, we're all different. And it's important to know your own body. Not having a healthy diet or lifestyle can result in a lot of negative affects. Your eating habits can go hand in hand with living a balanced life. If one factor is off, you won't feel healthy. A healthy diet for me looks like a mix of therapy, yoga, eating right, and enjoying life as much as I possibly can. No matter what you choose, I hope you are healthy, balanced, and happy.


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