Constans Theatre Caeleb Dressel

The Spacial Experience

When I entered the building it was relaxing. The theatre had snow in the background falling over a room filled with beds. The building was quiet, cool, and with the scene of the snow I felt as if I was part of the play. The opening scene blended with the auditorium seating. I was seated towards the back and this did make me feel not as part of the play as I would like. When the lights dimmed I felt as if I had really become part of the play. The actors that ran out from behind me were yelling "Mrs Bernhardt" and made me feel one with the stage. The audience size was appropriate for this play. When a joke was made or a punch was thrown the laughter and ooohhhs and ahhhhhs were heard throughout. I do not think the role of place has any importance in the goodlife. One's circumstance of place should not control their feelings, moods, or goodlife.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with a couple of friends of mine. We met up outside of the play and walked in together to achieve the same welcoming experience. I enjoyed sharing this experience with friends as I could ask questions and their opinion during the play (quietly of course). I think shared experiences are crucial in the good life. Happiness is only real when shared and I think we can only achieve full happiness when we share it was others.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The play really opened my eyes for how hard factory working was. A lot of people were just scraping by during this time period with unfair working conditions, hours, and bosses. A lot of pressure was placed on Talbot to do well for the family and he cracked under the pressure. All the suffering that was placed on the family was in order for Talbot to become a priest and this caused him suffering and stress. I was disgusted at this time period as to what people had to do to make a living for them and their families. I cannot relate to Talbot but I know this still happens today, especially at UF with foreign students. Families will provide the funds to send their child off the college in hopes of a better life for their kid and themselves.

The Emotional Experience

I think "The Divine" show us what can happen without Katharsis. Talbot kept it to himself that he did not want to become a priest and the pressure from his family to do well was to much and he did not share this with them. If Talbot came clean and did not hide his demons I think he would not of started drug use or have mixed relationships. Talbot was trying to be someone he was not. I think we can learn from this. Once we figure out who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do we will enjoy the journey of our life towards this process. Talbot did not enjoy his process and went downhill. Once we know what we are looking for in ourselves the process with be an eventful joyous journey.

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