Bunnies By: Tori K. & Molly G.

immigration: spacious habitats, lots of resources, and fewer predators are a pull factor for bunnies

emigration: drought, natural disasters, too many predators, and limited resources might cause a species to evacuate

births: bunnies reproduce a lot so its easier for their population to skyrocket and hit carrying capacity

deaths: diseases, predators, and lack of resources might cause numerous deaths, keeping the population at carrying capacity or even bringing it down

a graph showing the prey-predator cycle

Limited resources: If the bunny population runs low on food such as buds, twigs, bark, tree needles, or any other fresh plant they can find, there won't be enough food to support the entire population and the bunny population may decrease. If it doesn't decrease, it would at least keep the bunnies at carrying capacity since there's just enough resources to sustain them at one point

Density Independent: Drought, weather, natural disasters and any other abiotic factors. Bunnies obviously need water to survive and in an area with a lot of water comes a lot of vegetation causing bunnies to immigrate and thrive.

Density Dependent: Disease and food would both influence the population size because the disease would spread quick and cause a lot of bunny deaths and scarce food would cause bunnies to starve and lead to more deaths.


Bunnies predators

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