Cupcake Logo

You are tasked with designing a basic logo and text for a cupcakery moving to Downtown Lawrence. Consider the audience, how can your branding stand out on Massachusetts St. Who is your audience? In what ways do you want to stand out or look familiar?

Find inspiration - be creative

Objectives - Challenge 1

Design a graphic logo for a cupcake shop - Corner Cakes. Tip - break down what a cupcake might look like, sketch, consider colors, highlight skills used in the popsicle tutorial on depth/shading and apply those.

How can you do something trendy with your text logo? How can it work with the graphic logo?

Objectives - Challenge 2

Add text to the graphic logo. Do some research on text effects in Illustrator and try one of those out. Incorporate seamlessly with graphic logo

Objectives - Challenge 3

For the last part of the challenge, put the entire visual/text logo together and create:

  1. Twitter/website banner image
  2. Print advertisement introducing this as a new business (focus on brand exposure)
  3. Cupcake ‘box’ for carryouts

This is your chance to experiment with Spark Post or InDesign or XD/Dimension.

Be able to:

  • Use various shape tools
  • Use pathfinders
  • Apply text
  • Utilize effects, color and shading
Created By
Heather Lawrenz


Created with images by Kaz - "cupcakes wallpaper paper" • Anton Belashov - "untitled image" • Lance Anderson - "Cake store"

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