SANDERS  7A WEEK of 3/2-3/6

This is the third week of the grading cycle which means, if you are missing any assignments due to not turning it in or being absent, you should take care of getting them turned in. Anything turned in AFTER the Unit Exam will result in a grade no higher than 50%.

Due to our unexpected school closure, this weeks lessons will shift just a bit.

M/T: Scholars will have 30 minutes to work on Unit Study on Natural Selection and Adaptations using notebook and textbook. We will begin unit on carbon-oxygen cycle, photosynthesis and water cycle.

W/TH: Scholars will take the Unit Exam on Natural Selection and Adaptations. Scholars will complete a foldable comparing Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.

Friday: Scholars will take a Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz that was covered in Stations in the previous week. Scholars will begin a RAFT project on using Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.

HOMEWORK: MONDAY/TUESDAY-Complete and study Unit Review sheet ( also the Quizlet on Google Classroom

HOMEWORK: W/TH-COMPLETE QUIZZIZ on Google classroom on Physical and Chemical Changes for Quiz on Friday.

Homework: Answer ALL questions on pages #42-#49 in the iScience textbook, due on March 9/10.


Created with an image by Unknown - "Science Natural Blackboard · Free image on Pixabay"