Rossendale Borough Council Corporate Strategy 2017-2021

Introduction from Leader of Rossendale Council, Councillor Alyson Barnes and Chief Executive Stuart Sugarman

Our Corporate Strategy is a Council wide document which all staff and Councillors support and are committed to help the Council work towards. It pulls together wider Council plans and strategies so that our Councillors, staff, residents, businesses and partners can be assured we are working to a vision and priorities that will benefit them and Rossendale as a whole

This new and ambitious Corporate Strategy underlines our commitment to gain investment and ensure sustainable growth in Rossendale, as well as maintaining high quality, value for money services.

Community feedback has helped shape this plan. Our communities know best what they want to see their local borough Council focus on. We strive to work successfully with residents and partners to get the best for Rossendale. We have also engaged with our staff and Councillors to ensure that the plan captures everyone’s ideas.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for us to be creative and more commercial in our organisation, management and service delivery. We will need to become more innovative than ever before as collaboration with others and new ways of working are more critical than ever before. We have developed an ambitious but achievable vision and strategy which will deliver better outcomes for Rossendale and its communities.

Although we face many challenges it is important not to lose sight of the fact that there are also many exciting and new opportunities for us.

Performance management against key actions, performance measures and risks represents an essential part of our assurance and accountability process to our residents and our partners. Reporting on the delivery of this Corporate Strategy ensures that our tax payer’s money is spent prudently.

Underpinning our Corporate Strategy are robust business plans for each of our service areas. These detail how we will deliver the strategy, our vision and priorities. They also detail how we will continue to deliver services to our residents and meet our financial challenges.

Underpinning everything we do is our commitment to equality, diversity, transparency, inclusion, sustainability and value for money.

Services We Provide

Our Partners Provide:

Capita provide our revenues, benefits and customer services.

Civic Pride groups support the borough by providing a gardening and litter clearance service, building upon the work done by the Councils workforce.

Calico manages the Pennine Lancashire empty homes project.

Together Housing manages social housing in the Borough.

Rossendale Leisure Trust provides the sports facilities provision in the Borough, with Community Leisure Association Whitworth providing it in Whitworth.

The NHS and East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group are the health providers for Rossendale. Main hospital services are provided by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. Some other facilities are run by the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Lancashire Constabulary is the local police force.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue provide our fire service.

Voluntary Community Sector organisations work with us on a range of initiatives, a comprehensive list can be found on the REAL Directory.

Lancashire County Council - upper tier responsibilities

About Rossendale

Rossendale is a proud valley area with rich industrial heritage, filled with friendly and welcoming communities in a number of vibrant market towns and villages. Rossendale is a distinctive part of East Lancashire with its dramatic scenery, rich heritage and characterful features.

Sitting within Lancashire but bordering Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire means Rossendale is a well-connected area.

Our Vision: Rossendale, a place where people want to live, visit, work and invest. (Image: Rossendale Leisure Trust’s Grip and Go at the Adrenaline Centre in Haslingden.)
Our Values: Customers Matter, Listening and Communicating, Loyalty, Management of Performance, Celebrating Success. (Image: Visit by the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in July, to Haslingden for the Freedom Parade)

Priority 1: A clean and green Rossendale


Image: A site cleaned by Civic Pride - working together with Rossendale Council.

Our priority is to keep Rossendale clean and green for all of Rossendale’s residents and visitors, and to take available opportunities to recycle and use energy from renewable sources more efficiently.


Image: Solar panels installed on the Council offices 4 years ago, have already produced over 305,205 kwh of electricity.

Key Actions: Clean

- Be tough with those who blight our communities with fly-tipping, litter and dog fouling through more enforcement

- Deliver a waste and recycling awareness and engagement campaign to support us in keeping our streets clean and reducing litter

- Reduce waste costs and increase recycling rates in the Borough

- Continue to work proactively with our partners to improve the quality of roads in the Borough


Image: This year the council removed over 900 fly tipping incidents.

Key Actions: Green

- Work with our communities to celebrate our environment, promote pride in our area and enhance our parks, playgrounds and open spaces

- Work with partners on ensuring Rossendale is robustly prepared for another flooding incident

- Promote our green spaces and countryside for all to enjoy


Image: Nearly £2m Property Flood Resilience Grants have been distributed by the council to residents affected by the 2015 floods.

Key Measures of Success:

- Rossendale will be a brighter, cleaner Borough for residents and visitors, evidenced by the proportion of residents satisfied with the cleanliness on the Borough

- More residents will be satisfied with our parks and open spaces

- More residents will recycle more of their waste

- More energy will be generated from renewable energy sources


Image: The council works with Civic Pride to keep the borough clean.

Other Relevant Strategies/Policies:

- Open Space and Playing Pitch Strategy

Key Partners in Delivering this Priority:

- Residents

- Businesses

- Local community groups

- Schools

- Lancashire County Council

- Whitworth Town Council


Image: In an average month we collect 1,200 tonnes of general waste, 260 tonnes of glass, cans and plastic and 170 tonnes of paper.

Priority 2: A connected and successful Rossendale that welcomes sustainable growth


Image: Heron Place in Rawtenstall is a project developed by RTB, the Council’s joint venture regeneration partner which was shortlisted for the Housing Excellence Awards 2017.

Our priority is to ensure that we are well connected to our residents, key partners and stakeholders. We want to make the most of every pound we spend and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make the resources we do have, work harder for us. A key part of this involves developing new and existing economic and commercial opportunities in the Borough. This will eventually help us become a more dynamic and sustainable Council that is able to deliver successful, quality services for our residents and visitors.


Image: A former Mayor of Rossendale opening the new retail units at New Hall Hay, housing retail giants Pets At Home, TK Maxx and M&S Food

Key Actions: Connected

- Make it easier for customers to interact with the Council online when it suits them, by making more of our services digital

- Continue to work with partners and other agencies on better transport links in Rossendale and with our neighbours

- Make sure we get the best outcomes for Rossendale by working with public sector and other partners to make sure every pound gets the best results

- Make the most of our location; bordering Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire but also being committed to being part of a strong, confident Lancashire County

- Working with public transport providers to deliver the best public transport for Rossendale


Image: Working alongside Lancashire County Council, local bus providers and the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, the RTB Partnership, have successfully won £1.9m for the LEP’s Growth Fund to add to County’s £3.5 million funding for our Spinning Point regeneration project.

Key Actions: Growing

- Identify development sites to enable inclusive and sustainable growth (overnight visitor accommodation, housing, businesses, jobs and tourist destinations)

- Develop plans to ensure we have strong town centres and communities

- Invest in our staff to champion our more commercial and digital approach


Image: A site visit by Councillor Alyson Barnes to the New Hall Hey development site.

Key Actions: Successful

- Continue to celebrate and grow our sport, leisure and culture offer through Rossendale Leisure Trust, Whitaker Museum, Community Leisure Association Whitworth and other organisations

- Develop new relationships in the community and strengthen existing ones

- Focus on tourism, particularly around our Adrenaline Offer, bringing people, business and attractions to Rossendale


Image: The Whitaker – Rossendale’s museum and art gallery.

Key Measures of Success:

- Customers are able to contact the Council easily and in a way that suits them evidenced by the number of residents that are satisfied with the service they receive from the Council

- Communities will be stable and thriving, demonstrated by the increased number of residents employed in the Borough

- Commuters will have a range of quality transport options evidenced by an increased proportion of journeys using green travel options

- More businesses are registered in Rossendale


Image: Bank Street, Rawtenstall.

Other Relevant Strategies/Policies:

- Affordable Housing Planning Policy

- 5 Year Development Plan

- Local Plan

- Employment Land Review

- Town Centre Strategies/Masterplan

- Car Parking Strategy

- Digital Strategy

- Organisational Development Strategy


Image: The East Lancashire Railway in Rossendale.

Key Partners in Delivering this Priority:

- RTB Partnership

- Lancashire Shadow Combined Authority

- Pennine Lancashire Councils

- Greater Manchester Combined Authority

- The Northern Powerhouse

- East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

- The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

- Schools

- The Business Community

- Lancashire County Council


Image: Rosso, our private bus company, is wholly owned by Rossendale Borough Council.

Priority 3: A proud, healthy and vibrant Rossendale


Image: Freedom Parade by the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

Our priority is to ensure that we are creating and maintaining a healthy and vibrant place for people to live and visit. We celebrate the health, vitality and enterprise of the people who live in, do business in and visit Rossendale. We are proud of our Borough and the success that happens here.


Image: Board members from RTB visiting the new over-55 apartments on Burnley Road, Rawtenstall, that it developed.

Key Actions: Proud

- Celebrating Rossendale, the success of our residents, business and the Council’s work through publicity and awards, raising awareness of the great things they do

- Work with local schools to support career pathways and make sure that our children and young people flourish

- Building strong, resilient communities with volunteers and active citizens, creating neighbourhoods where people feel proud and safe to live

- Work closely with residents, communities and the police to maintain low crime levels and reduce Anti-Social Behaviour


Image: Olympian Tom Hamer visiting Grip and Go in Haslingden.

Key Actions: Healthy

- Work to prevent homelessness, loneliness and domestic abuse

- Ensure a legacy from the pilot Living Well, Living Better Project by supporting resilient communities through preventing crisis, intervening early to reduce risk and establishing good neighbour awards and volunteers

- Work with partners to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents, particularly through sport, leisure and our well used parks and open spaces

- Protect the most vulnerable in our communities

Key Actions: Vibrant

- Develop and promote vibrant town centres, including markets, where businesses invest and people visit

- Reduce the number of empty dwellings across the Borough

- Increase the standard and availability of affordable housing making sure our residents have decent housing they can afford and enjoy living in

- Work closely with residents, communities and the police to maintain low crime levels and reduce Anti-Social Behaviour


Image: The Halo – A Panopticon artwork in Haslingden. Designed by John Kennedy.

Key Measures of Success:

- Communities feel safer, more secure and confident evidenced by the proportion of residents who feel safe in their local area during the day and after dark

- Rossendale is seen as a destination of choice by increasing the number of key visitor events and attractions

- Residents are encouraged to follow healthy lifestyles by working with partners to increase participation rates

- Residents are satisfied with where they live


Image: The Flying Scotsman visiting Rossendale in 2016.

Other Relevant Strategies/Policies:

- Adrenaline Strategy

- New Local Plan policies

- Food Takeaways Policy

- Lancashire NHS/CCG Sustainability and Transformation Plan

- Homelessness Strategy

- Stubbylee Masterplan

- Pennine Lancashire Community Safety Partnership Strategy


Image: Lee Quarry and its companion Cragg Quarry are trail centres with a difference. Hand built out of the remnants of a bygone industrial era, the Quarries pack in several miles of rocky, twisty single tracks amidst a weird and wild landscape.

Key Partners in Delivering this Priority:

- NHS and East Lancashire CCG

- Rosso

- Rossendale Leisure Trust

- Community Leisure Association Whitworth

- The Whitaker Museum

- Police

- Whitworth Town Council

- The business community

- East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

- Pennine Lancashire Community Safety Partnership

- Residents

- Voluntary and community sector

- Lancashire County Council


Image: Lee Quarry Mountain Bike Trail in Bacup.

Our Approach: Achieving our vision and delivering our priorities will be a whole Council journey. We are committed to the following principles of working; • Delivering effective services for our residents, where every pound counts • Adopting a commercial approach • Building strong, resilient communities • Valued partnership working • Equality across all our communities (Image: Bacup THI - £2 million of funding has been secured to improve the historical character of Bacup.)

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