White Walls Collages with PHOTOGRAPHY

White Walls

My flat's walls are white and empty. I don't want to fix this by buying stuff, everybody can buy. I want my own stuff and stories - and what is more personal than own images? Painting is no option - for me. But catching lights in photographs is...

Insight Cities

Cities are so interesting varied places. Frankfurts Skyline, Hamburgs Binnenalster, Portos Ports, Berlins Kings and Bishops Dwellings, Duisburgs Steel Factory, Copenhagens Nyhavn...

Spotlight South East Asia

Rainy season in South East Asia means really great photography conditions (and nearly no rain).

Warm Nature

These images are taken by our own. So the Copyright is with us.


Andre Goering, Bloherfelder Str. 121A, DE-26129 Oldenburg

images [at] goeringnet.de

Created By
Andre Goering


Photos by Andre Goering

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