Kathryn Hodges LASC 393 / Graphic Design / Live Oak HIgh / 4/24/17

In our t-shirt room at our high school we are in the process of expanding into a graphic design business where our students can collaborate together to rebrand businesses, logos, and create business cards. My goals for the first journal was to show our students different ways to look at their surroundings and incorporate them in our designs. First we started with organic pictures like the tree I have pictured below. In my journal I spoke specifically of the triangular design of an attic so I was able to take a picture of that and work to break it down to the basics with the repetitive design. Another interesting picture I took while walking was a new water meter that features a nutria rat. It was fun and interesting how to see how much our environment influenced our designs. On a scale of one to five, I give myself a three on this execution. Even though I feel the project worked effectively, I already see room for improvement in the future!

My learning goal for the next journal was to develop a curriculum that was interesting and one to break the ice between our designers. I was inspired by a project we did this semester based off the poem, "Where I'm From." It is a poem by George Ella Lyons that describes her childhood and truly where she is from. It helps others to see why they think a certain way and also helps them open up in a way they normally may not be able too by just speaking. I have included my version of Where I'm From. I will continue to do this with every class and other groups that I am involved in as I feel it is a great way to get to know one another in a special way. On a scale of one to five, I give myself a five on this goal. It was fun, engaging, and overall effective towards the final goal of getting to know one another!

As we continue to learn and grow there will be things I know I will always do and then find things later that we need to remove. I wanted our design team to collaborate and start designing together, then separately. I found one goal along the way that I thought was imperative I teach is for our new designers to learn how to take constructive criticism. Once they reach a certain date we would collaborate and start working again. These are some of our designs we have worked on this semester for various businesses. On a scale of one to five, I give our start a five for collaboration, and coming up with unique designs using some of the design techniques we spoke about in earlier goals. I think our program is off to a tremendous start!

The highlight of this internship was to be able to pass on knowledge and see the end results. We had ups and downs, but overall the positives out-weighed the negatives! The moment when you would see the idea come into one of our designers head and they execute their design was one of the best feelings I have ever had. I feel like I have found the sweet spot in life by starting this program and watching it and the students grow together!

One of the most significant challenges I faced was starting from scratch to get this program running. We were on a tight budget which does not help in the design program. The software is expensive, the technology is expensive and the printers are expensive. We were able to acquire licensing for Adobe products through their education program and we are using desktops, laptops and I-pads with a stylus to do direct drawing for concept designs. We are wanting to get approval for purchasing equipment through our Career and Technical Department and have researched grants. I learned from this that I have to be patient and even though I can foresee how tremendous our department can be, I have to acknowledge it will take time to get everything together to make our large purchases. Patience has not always been a virtue of mine, but it is something I have definitely learned and I am thankful this process has taught me this important attribute.

Through my internship I have been a graphic designer. I never thought I would want the responsibilities of teaching. As we are moving in this direction I have found that I thoroughly enjoy teaching graphic design as much as I do actual designing. It can be a solitary job where an introvert really shows their just how much an introvert they can be, but with teaching it makes you become an extrovert and it is very rewarding. I enjoy talking to the students and going over ideas. I find I learn just as much from them as they do from me at times. For years, I was told I would be a great teacher and I would always respond that it was not for me, but now I see I was wrong! This is where I should be.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is used in many different aspects in our design processes. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are two of the most used programs. Adobe also offers an online curriculum and creative videos to stay on top of new products and features. I also have used projects from my classes at The University of Arizona that have had an impact on me and the way I design. We google different logo's and see what the new trends are so we can discuss these together to give our clients unique branding. We used the Adobe products daily. As soon as our computers turn on, Illustrator or Photoshop is loading ready to open a new design or continue work on a previous design.

Adobe illustrator

I learned through this internship that through our beta testing of our graphic design program, I have the desire to teach and I enjoy it. I am extremely thankful to have had this opportunity to find that I am going in the right direction with my career choice. It is not easy stepping out of your comfort zone. I thought I was content sitting behind my desk and designing solo, but once I had my students become a design team it took it to another level. These has allowed me to also utilize design processes that I have learned in my design classes and transfer that knowledge. It is exciting to have learned something and then see it in action. Thank you again for this opportunity.

created by: Kathryn Hodges


Created By: Kathryn Hodges

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