fetch fashion Cindy salas 3rd

Aristocrat and middle class women wore big dresses full of laces and ruffles. They had to have a tiny waist so they had to put on a corset which created an hourglass shape. Thus the reason they couldn't do chores. the way that you could tell them apart was the material that their dress was made out of.

Aristocrat and Middle class men wore black suits because it was good for business. Men who wore black suits were seemed as professional and trust worthy. Anyone who wore a hat had to greet other by raising the hat a little

Aristocrat men and women traveled to buy the most expensive materials for their outfits and only wore the latest styles

weird fashion facts: men didn't wear underwear bc there wasn't any. Women's bathing suit was like a dress made out of thick fabric thus the reason why they didn't swim. inmates had to cover their faces with a mask so they wouldn't socialize


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