W/c March 20th Reflective Journal

Me and my partner Tom had a group meeting today, i was happy with the progress Tom has told me he has made with the sprites as well as the concept art for the game environments. I believe i am maintaining a steady work flow and making sure that i am constantly adding new and unique things into the game such as a slide mechanic and a crouch/dodge mechanic.

I was happy with the design of the first enemy Tom had created which we plan to plug into the game. The monster has a demonic look and adds to the horror elements we are aiming for.

I used Youtube today to research various mechanics tutorials to further my understanding and skills with unreal engine 4. I used this specific videos because it takes you through the fundamentals of making a 2d sidescroller game and slowly explains to you what you are doing, why you are doing it and why the game functions the way it does through your actions in the unreal engine 4.

I feel very confident so far with our progress on this project, i feel that both myself and Tom’s work flow is good and we are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, and at the same time we are always telling one another our ideas so we can get each other's input before any final decisions are made. Also we have made sure that we are always saving and sharing our work so we each have an up to date version of our project so we can work on it at any given time.

Communication between myself and my partner i believe is very good we always make sure we tell each other what we are doing and when we are doing so nothing is being done without either myself and Tom knowing and approving it for the project.

Myself and Tom have discussed creating unique enemies for different levels so the player is always encountering something new for example in an abandoned house location the player may encounter a demon that floats in the air and hurls projectiles, whereas in a sewer level the player may encounter mutated rats which rush at the player and attack him/her head on, we also tried to be innovative in terms of the environment as me and Tom have discussed making a level where there is a slope with water flowing down which will force the player into a slide animation when he/she touches it, from this idea we also discussed having a similar animation only this time the color of the water is green and will hurt the player for as long as they stand in it.

I believe this idea is really beneficial as it adds to the variety aspect of the game. As one of our main goals in creating this project is being unique and innovative trying to always bring something new and exciting challenge that the player must conquer, rather than just simply throwing the same enemies in similar environments at the player.

I am confident i can get most of the mechanics plugged into the game by today as i have spent hours in the previous two days researching and documenting how to implement different mechanics into the unreal engine 4. These mechanics include things like Enemy Movement and Rotation, Enemy Pick Ups, Checkpoints and Save Points and the user interface mechanics and sounds.

We also are planning to set some time to look over and fix any glitches or problems the game maybe experiencing we also plan to self-evaluate our levels by playing through them ourselves and noting both the good and bad parts of the project, we will also look to acquire other people’s opinions by letting them play our game and evaluating it themselves thus giving us feedback on what was good and what we need to change to make our game better.

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