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Update on face coverings to help people who are hard of hearing.

Amazing we have 120+ volunteers sewing in Ilkley. Thats stunning. 500+ sets completed so far, and 3000 Face Coverings.

We are now making face masks as well. There are 14,000 people living in Ilkley. Whilst many will make / buy their own we are making masks to be provided in locations around Ilkley for those that don't have access to a mask. Please use material you have at home, there is some at Amandas. There are elastic hair ties and elastic and t-shirt ties in the box at Becky's. This is what we have made so far

Aren't they wonderful

All face masks are popped singly into a paper bag with a note on it from Ilkley Covid Response Group identifying that these re a gift from us; you can donate (and link provided); please follow government guidance (with the link); stay 2m apart. All stores are providing masks to be used in store (single use disposable) BUT they do want a more permanent solution. We have distributed to the Foodbank, Ilkley Good Neighbours and Tescos & Booths (at customer services).

So please can you drop made face masks to 30 nelson rd, LS29 8HN - There will be box for them in the front garden.

It was lovely to have such a warm reception to our offer. We will 'top up' as per demand and I will keep in touch re how many we are making/ donating.

Face Mask Pattern and download link below as well as 'how too' video

Quilt Squares

Here are some of our quilt squares ready to make into our memory quilt

Here we are on Newsnight!

Helping other sewing groups

Our next target is scrubs for Bradford GPs and to help other sewing groups get up and running (new public website will be ready shortly).


We have made 500! Production now on hold as we have met all requests. Scrubs have gone to local GPs, mental health services, and hospice.

Patterns and material are available at Amandas. Can you also all beg bedsheets from friends (see info below on material). Huge thanks. Some material needs cutting and we also need folk to help wash and dye scrubs so do let us know if you can help on the Whats App group..

You will see that the layout of the station has changed a little-please. Please don’t ring the door bell and wait on our steps. We are maintaining social distancing at all times. On rainy days the setup is in the garage which is open.

Top Tips (and photos further down below)

  • When you pick up please bring a bag and wear gloves
  • When you drop off please empty into the box, and don't leave us plastic bags.
  • We are also getting drawstrings made. But you can also make out of left over material. See pictures below.
  • ALSO please can you mark your scrubs with the size with permanent marker (both tops and bottoms so they can be reunited after dyeing)
  • Don't worry about adding pockets if you are finding them too difficult.
  • Interfacing - you can always cut 2 x facings and stich together. The V can go lower than you think when you are stitching.
  • See below for photos of cutting out the blue material and the V finishing

The sewing - tutorials and finished articles

Here are Drue and Sophie hard at it....

And here is the finished article - well done!

Don't they look great
And Some Thanks


Some tips for Sewing V neck, Drawstring and Layouts and pockets

Scrub Patterns

You can find patterns you can make yourself here if we have run out.


If you have your own material then please use what you have and let us know how many you are making. The material has to be bedsheet quality, and in terms of size, one single bedsheet makes 1 set of scrubs. Any material used must be 'pre-shrunk' ie washed at 60 degrees twice before sewing. Natural fibres best but polycotton OK. Re shrinking - if it cotton it needs washing at 60 degrees until it stops shrinking (could be 2 wishes if new material). If you want to be exact you can do this: prior to first wash you should mark with permanent pen a 5 cm line on both warp and weft and remeasure after each wash to check it’s stopped shrinking.

Here are some example requirements:

Please make up the scrubs without pockets if you don't have enough material. Also we will put in drawstrings later as we don't have enough tape - but you might find you have something that will do at home.

Bags if the Scrubs are a bit hard

If you can't sew scrubs you can sew bags to keep them in. You can find a pattern for bags as well as more patterns for scrubs here or you can make 'pump bags' out of pillowcases (much easier than this pattern). It just needs to be material that can go into the washing machine with the scrubs.

Team Photos

And the Families....

Our Zoom Cuppa Friday 24th April - amazing 58 finally joined!

This is some of the beginning of our coffee chat (sorry I'll remember to record from the start next time!)

And this is a section with some good Q&A with the GP

And the machines - many of which have names....Mrs Jones, Westminster

This is the recent BBC post with some colourful outfits

Amanda and Becky

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