Samuel Richardson 1689-1761

Pamela, or The Virtue Rewarded

Pamela is an epistolary novel published in 1740.


Pamela is a poor young girl who works for Mr. B, a gentleman that is in love with her and often tries to seduce her but he is always refused. So Mr. B decides to close Pamela into a jale for 40 days and he tries twice to rape her. So Pamela thinks about committing suicede but she starts felling something for Mr. B. In the meanwhile Mr. B understands that with bad manners he will never get nothing and startes to seduce her with romanticism. At the end the couple falls in love and they get marry.

Its success

It was the best-seller of its time because it was the first epistolary novel of the 18th century. It was read by countless buyers of novel and was also read in groups. The novel was also integrated into sermons as an example.

And now.......

It has been reproposed in 21th century by a new point of view in "Fisty Shade of Grey".

Burgo Silvia, Parpajola Valentina and Sabbadin Giorgia

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