Daniel Kruger 23.05.2020 - 25.07.2020

'Mixed Bag'

online catalogue

Daniel Kruger made for the spring exhibition at Galerie Rob Koudijs many fabulous new jewellery pieces. We have produced this special catalogue so you can admire, often in-depth, all of his pieces. Should you like to experience the size and wearability of a specific work, we will be happy to make an appointment with you in the gallery: call or mail us! M 0031 6 1390 5554 --- info@galerierobkoudijs.nl

2020, brooch 'mb24' (60x90mm), silver, € 1675,00
2020, brooch 'mb25' (65x100mm), silver, € 1675,00
2020, brooch 'mb26' (60x75mm), silver, (sold)
2020, brooch 'mb23' (85x60mm), silver, glass, pigment, (sold)
2020, pendant 'mb22' (290x40x40mm), crocheted fibre, glass beads, bone, (sold)
2020, pendant 'mb21' (280x60x60mm), crocheted fibre, glass beads, bone, € 4200,00
2020, pendant 'mb20' (270x80x80mm), crocheted fibre, glass beads, bone, € 4200,00
2019, necklace 'mb17' (120x70mm), silver, mirrored glass, pressed flowers, butterfly wings, (sold)
2019, pendant 'Lover's Eye' (85x35mm), silver, glass, pressed flowers, photo, € 1275,00
2019, pendant 'Lover's Eye', detail
2019, pendant 'Lover's Eye', detail back
2019, pendants 'mb18' + 'mb19' (24x24mm), silver, butterfly wings, € 425,00 (the right one is sold)
2019, brooch 'mb13' (58x53mm), silver filigree, synthetic spinel, pigment, € 1900,00
2019, brooch 'mb12' (45x28x12mm), silver, synthetic spinel, pigment, (sold)
2019, brooch 'mb14' (55x55mm), silver, mirror, butterfly wings, € 2100,00 (front and back)
2019, brooch 'mb10' (90x70x9mm), silver, pigment (sold)
2019, brooch 'mb11' (93x90x9mm), silver, pigment, € 1900,00
2018, necklace 'Hands', silver, mirrored glass, photographs, pressed leaves, (sold)
2019, necklace 'mb09', silver, prehnite balls (sold)
2019, necklace 'mb09', detail
2018, brooch 'mb07' (100x110mm), cotton embroidered silk, brass beads (sold)
2018, brooch 'mb07' (ø 210mm), unfolded
2018, brooch 'mb07' (ø 210mm), unfolded back
2015, brooch 'mb06' (80x70x30mm), silver, stone, glass, pigment (sold)
2000, necklace 'mb04' (530mm), silver (sold)
2006, earrings 'mb05' (50x30x30mm), silver, polyester, emerald fragments, beads, € 1050,00
1975, necklace 'mb02', (430mm), crocheted gilded copper wire, glass beads (sold)
1975, necklace 'mb01', (460mm), crocheted gilded copper wire, glass beads (sold)
1994, necklace 'mb03', (690mm), silver, onyx beads, € 1275,00

The artist sits in his studio. Always facing the same question, constantly looking for a different answer. Daniel Kruger is someone who in his answers always manages to strike a fine balance between 'head' and 'hand'; between unconventional, exciting ideas and his wide ranging craft skills. At times a sweet African wind blows in his work, incidentally you catch a glint from eighteenth century court life, or nineteenth century opulence. Kruger will see constraints and conventions only as a challenge. He is just as happy forging silver, crocheting fiber, as embroidering fabrics, for him there is no distinction between using precious stones, mirrors or paint. He likes to be seduced by photographs, dried flowers or the magic of blue butterfly wings. The main interests of the artist are enjoying the making process and the delight a future wearer may get from his pieces. Daniel Kruger creates genuine jewellery, while making an appreciative bow to the past and an audacious leap into the future.

Galerie Rob Koudijs, Elandsgracht 12, 1016 TV, www.galerierobkoudijs.nl, info@galerierobkoudijs.nl, T 0031 20 331 87 96, M 0031 6 1390 5554