DTC #49: Cult Classic Drink the kool-aid, prepare with a final meal then dance your way into the rest of your life.





Drink the kool aid at a weekly local wine tasting.

Bring a bottle from stop 1 to this local BYOB Thai hang out with a drawing contest vibe.

Join the dance floor with the many beautiful souls looking for exhalation.

Silverlake Wine's lived for the last 12 years in what used to be a VHS rental store. The current bathrooms are where the porn section used to be, a spot that almost housed the more expensive "adult" wines.
Stop 1

Your Neighborhood Wine Tasting

• 6:30pm to 7:45pm •

Walking up to Silverlake Wine you notice it’s been prepped for an arrival of the faithful many for their weekly juice gathering. As you enter the owner friendly greets you and motions to the half full counter in the corner. It’s slightly early, which is perfect for you to take your time at the bar and discuss the first pour with your fantastic sommelier Doug. Within 30 minutes the buzz in the air amplifies with collective excitement and your 3rd tasting catalyst you happily embrace. Conversation bounces from somm. to friends to random guy and back again. When you’ve finished your 4th and final tasting it will be time to decide on a bottle to go. Bid farewell to your new wine friends and swear you’ll be back again before exiting amongst the new flood of tasters.

Stop 2

BYOB Thai Dinner

• 8pm til 9:30pm •

Friendly faces and a trendy new vibe greet you at the entrance of Leela Thai, now called the Silverlake House. Your first decision is whether to opt for the patio or dine inside. Either way the overly excited waitress will pop your bottle of wine before you know it. The extensive menu has all the classics with a pinch of originals. As you wait for your pad see ew and golden fish you take a stab at being the top elephant artist to come through your table. Between sips of natural wine and strokes of your pen the delightful smells only a thai kitchen can conjure engulfs your senses. Just then your dishes arrive one by one taking over your table canvas in the most pleasant way. A fury of chopsticks battle rice noodles, pork nibblets and fish nuggets at an alarming rate. Before you know it your wine is empty and the beginnings of a food coma begin to bubble up. You decide not to give in and push through to your second wind cause a dance floor is happily waiting for you.

Stop 3

Live tunes from local bands

• Around 9:30pm til you've danced your face off •

The streets silence and cool air joins you on the 100 foot walk to the entrance of The Satellite. Within moments the cool calmness turns to hot moves blowing up the dance floor. Groups of friends, random dudes and couples gather in their regular places on all edges of the bar, floor and fishbowl lounge to feel the groove. You find your place in the middle of the dance floor just in time for the opening band to finish out their sets climax. You find yourself adopting the dance of the moment and getting lost for their final few songs. At the break you have a moment to gather yourself, chill on a beverage and prep for the nights big reveal. Within moments the nights headliner bellows their opening rif. As the energy moves to a whole new level you turn around to notice the place is packed and the vibe is just ripe for grooving. The only decision you have to make now is to stay a few more songs or run the nights musical gambit.

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