National Women's Month By: LIndsey coffman

Mia Hamm 1972-present

Mia Hamm is a retired American soccer player, and a two-time Olympic gold medalists. She won gold medals in the years 1996 and 2004. She has also won the Women's World cup in the year of 1991 and 1999. After winning her second gold medal in 2004 she retired right after.

Katie Couric 1957-Present

Katie Couric is a well known television journalist and news anchor. She signed a deal with the Today show in 2006 to become the first woman to anchor CBS News all by herself.

Jacqueline Cochran 1906- 1980

Jacqueline Cochran was a 20th century pilot and a great inspiration for women who wanted to fly during WWII as aviators. She inspired women all around the world to follow their dreams/and become part of the very few women to be pilots. She is most significant because she was the first woman to break the sound barrier!

Katelyn Coffman 2001-present

Katelyn and I in Florida in the summer of 2016

Katelyn Coffman is known to be hilarious, a great friend, someone you can talk to when something is wrong, a great supporter, and an amazing sister. Not only is she all of those things, but she is also a pain in the butt, and very stubborn, not that i can talk, I am the same way. Katelyn has inspired me in more ways than i can count. She inspired me to play volleyball, because the first time i watched her play, i said to myself "i want to be just like her." To this day, i say that everyday when i see everything she has accomplished. She works hard for everything, and she usually has a positive attitude going into something new. She is also a beautiful person on the inside and the out, but sometimes i forget to tell her that because i am too busy getting on her nerves. Believe it or not, she is very patient when it comes to me and i am very thankful for that. That is why i strive to be Katelyn Ann Coffman

"Lindseyyyyyyyyyy get out of my room and shut the door." i probably hear her say this at least four times a week.

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