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With the COVID-19 Pandemic precautions forcing the cancellation of our Spring Show (due to take place on 18 July 2020) we have decided to host a "Virtual" Spring Show - Exhibitors, Visitors and the wider community were asked to send in Photos and Content for all to enjoy from the safety of your own home.

So, Grab a Cup of tea and a slice of Cake and scroll down for a splash of Summer!

Section A: Photography

"A Village Pub" by Alan Parkinson
"Mechanics" by Pauline Filbey
"Mechanics" by Reece Jaconelli
"Dawn by the Water" by Pauline Filbey
"Dawn by the Water" by Reece Jaconelli
"A Village Pub" by Pauline Filbey
"Portrait of a Person in Black and White" by Reece Jaconelli
"Portrait of a Person in Black and White" by Jo Graham

Section B: Vegetables

"3 Sticks of Rhubarb" by Pauline Filbey
2 Leeks by Trevor Barlow
Any 1 Vegetable not Listed by Trevor Barlow

Section C: Flowers

"Daffodils" by Alan Parkinson
"Daffodils" by Alan Parkinson
3 Society Bulbs in 18cm pot - Edie Barlow
3 Society Bulbs in 18cm pot - Trevor Barlow
3 Stems of Hellebores by Trevor Barlow
3 Mixed Daffodils and / or Narcissi by Trevor Barlow
3 Large Cup daffodils by Trevor Barlow
"The allotment has been full of these wonderful flowers this year and I am very sad not to be sharing them all with you in real life but here is one of my favourite photos :-)"
Daffodil by jenny Gooderham
1 Pot of Amaryllis / Orchid by Edie Barlow
1 Specimen Daffodil by Trevor Barlow
1 Pot / Bowl of Bulbs by Jo Graham
1 Pot Plant - Foliage by Jo Graham

Section D: Floral Art

"Spring Landscape" by Edie Barlow

Section E: Cookery

"Simnel cake" by Holly Storm
Jar of Chutney or Pickle - Pauline Filbey
Soft Fruit Jam by Pauline Filbey

Section F: Children

"Collage of a Lamb" by Neivie Burrows age 5
"Collage of a Lamb" by Lake Burrows age 3
"Decorated Egg in an Egg Cup" by Lila Storm (age 7)

Craft for Adults

An Item of Craft by Jo Graham

Thank you from the TEDPA team

We hope you've enjoyed browsing our virtual show as much as we did! A Special Thank you to all those who submitted content.

For more information about TEDPA, please visit our website.

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