Art, heritage, identity Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti" Bucharest

March 2017
Authors: Gina Dumitrache&Sevasti Milona

By developing educational project Art, Heritage, Identity, aims at increasing levelsmotivation and student involvement in extracurricular activities in the field of fine arts and photography. By combining art and the cult crafted with the Romanian specific, students develop their aesthetic sense , imagination an national-cultural awareness of belonging.

Art has an important influence on the physical and mental and moral development of students. Take in availability calculation of art - understanding the specific language of art creates psychological and emotional bridges in the national context and individual development.

Meanings depend on the context (plastic, historical, cultural). The process of artistic perception is an active phenomenon, where the receiver turn into creator.


1. Building capacity documentation and selection of information

2. Developing the capacity of communication and interrelation

3. Develop intellectual and emotional resources

4. Develop Romanian pastic culture

Activity description:
  • Photo shoot in The Village Museum
  • Observing nature and traditional rural landscape
  • Representation by the nature of appearance and structure forms
  • Traditional Crafts-house structure
  • Finding Romanian village atmosphere, open-air ethnographic park and an inestimable national value heritage

Evaluation: plastic portofolio-individual and group projects


Online tools: Thinglink, moviemaker, coogle, globster, smilebox and padlet.

Students will be able to produce results and to present them with the help of the above tools. They could make presententions at school, even in the community. Then they could also evaluate or make some competition."

Thank you!

Created By
gina dumitrache


Created with images by marcccy - "untitled image" • ZeWaren - "Muzeul Naţional al Satului" • marcccy - "untitled image" • marcccy - "untitled image" • cod_gabriel - "Room in a peasant house in the Romanian Village Museum, Bucharest" • cod_gabriel - "Peasant house in the Romanian village museum, Bucharest" • Gabi Agu - "muzeul satului II" • Alex Panoiu - "An archaic wet felting device (i-Contrast off)" • marcccy - "untitled image"

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