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Hi y'all!!

My name is Tiffany and I run Rebel Intimate Boudoir Studios. I made the leap about 3 years ago to fully focus my business on Boudoir photography and couldn't be any more happy with my business and my passion! I truly love connecting with my clients, sharing laughs and memories with them. Photographing families and baby bumps was fun, but there is something rewarding about helping someone fall in love with themselves. I want to extend my love and knowledge to you and help you build a love and understanding of boudoir. My goal for you is to guide you through the key points when it comes to boudoir, including a real client you can pose and work with. By the end of the day you will know all about consultations, in person sales sessions, lingerie and wardrobe, studios, and much more!! Continue below for the lesson plans of the day!

Part 1 - 10:00am to 12:30pm

1. Introduction: A few moments will be spent giving you some information about me, my business, and importantly, my why.

2. Gear: What is the considered the best gear for Boudoir? I will go over camera, lenses, lighting, as well as extra equipment and props.

3. Where to shoot: Did you know we have a few amazing local studios who rent their spaces out? I will go over local studios, outdoor shooting, as well as what to look for when having a shooting space of you own.

4. Hair and Make up: Having a great team is a must. You want to work with people who represent your business. I will explain where to find people to work with, what questions to ask during an interview, as well as what to look out for when you begin hiring someone.

5. Marketing for Boudoir: Advice and tips I have picked up along the way when it comes to marketing for Boudoir. I will also go over the "model call" approach.

6. Calming Client fears: Boudoir is a big step to most clients. I want to help you understand what a client is feeling, and how to help them be comfortable with you.

7. The Consultation: I meet with every single client, and my clients LOVE it. I will go over everything I do during a consultation with my clients!

8. Wardrobe: What your client wears is very important and most clients dont understand what looks best. I will go over lingerie pieces, casual attire, as well as accessories.

At 12:30pm, we will take a half hour break for lunch. Pizza will be delivered, but feel free to bring your own lunch as well.

All the while, my hair and make up team will be working on our client. My team will be available for an open discussion if you wish to talk to professionals in the business.

Hands on Posing instruction - 1pm - 2:30pm

With keeping the overall attendance low, the goal is to dive really deep into the little bits of posing. The expression changes, the hand placements, flow posing and more. You will be able to work with a model who is signing a model release, and in the end able to share the images you have taken. I will be showing some of my top selling poses, and how to talk to the client during the shoot.

Part 2 - 2:30pm - 4pm

9. Editing: This will be a brief summary of how I edit for boudoir. It will be lightroom and photoshop based. Portraiture will be used.

10. In person sales: The bulk of part 2 will be about in person sales. I will explain what products I sale, how I plant the seeds in my clients minds, as well as how I run my "viewing session" to my clients after their session.

11. Wrapping up & Q&A

Are you excited now!? This workshop is going to be so much fun! By the end of the day you will not only have a full session for your portfolio but you will also have the knowledge from start to finish how to successfully begin a boudoir business.

The Boudoir Workshop will be $100 to attend. To keep this workshop small and intimate I will only have 6 spots open. This workshop will be first come first served so in order to secure your spot you will need to follow the button below. Afterwards you will receive a few emails about the day!!

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