The beauty of my creations Portfolio of Joel Sawyer

My name is Joel Sawyer, I was born in the winter of 1998 in Cobourg, Ontario. I grew up in Cobourg and moved downtown Toronto this year for college. I graduated from Cobourg Collegiate Institute in June 2016. Now I am currently enrolled in a one year Art and Design Foundation program at George Brown, and will be completed by the end of April, 2017. I’m aspiring to be a professional tattoo artist, and would like to own by own business in the future. I am planning on getting an apprenticeship based on the skills, and portfolio that I have built in this program and in the past. In my program, I have excelled in the drawing and painting aspect, and have improved on the realism of my art. I have been asked by several friends and family members to complete tattoo designs, self portraits, and paintings for them. Some of the work that I have done this year for my program has been displayed at George Brown as part of our classes display and will also be up at our end of the year show. I have always had a positive outlook about my future art career, and it has been something I wanted to do since I entered high school. In grade 11 and 12 I received the visual arts award for my grade, and had my art on display in the school. I am confident that I will some day be a very successful tattoo artist. With the proper training through an apprenticeship, plus the artistic skills and knowledge that I already have and gained in the Art and Design Foundation program at George Brown. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 905-269-4969 or email me at for more information. Thank you for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Joel Sawyer.

Artistic or philosophical statement: There are many ways that I relate to art, design, and creativity. I have always been very creative since I was a child. I loved painting, drawing and making things. Growing up I became more fond of painting and drawing because it let me express how I felt as well as what I saw. My favourite style of art to do is realism, abstract, and surrealism. Sometimes I incorporate more than one of those styles in one piece. One thing that I specialize in would be human faces. I thoroughly enjoy drawing someones face and trying to make it look just like I see them.

Three Inspirational Quotations:

1.) “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” - Bansky

2.) "The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through." - Jackson Pollock

3.) "Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse

Name: Joel Sawyer Title: City Shoot assignment – ART 1030, Introduction to Photography Medium: photo Size: 9”x12” For this project, we were assigned to go out with our cameras as a class and take photos of the city. I used natural light during the shooting of all of my photos. My picture is focusing on the leaves, blurring as it goes into the background. There was a lot of texture in the leaves and the water dripping off of them. As well as trying to focus on the leaves in front, I was trying to also capture a picture of someone walking by in the background at the same time. The overall mood/ feeling I was trying to capture was a mysterious, wet, and cold one.
Name: Joel Sawyer Title: ROM Poster – ART 1031, Art Culture Materials used: Black Canson Paper and Faber Castell pencil crayons Size: 9”x12” The rom poster assignment was one of my most favorite projects that I have done this semester. As a class we were assigned to go to the ROM and observe the exhibits of specific galleries and take photos of things that we wanted to draw for a poster to represent that exhibit. I chose to represent China for my poster by drawing a statue of a golden Buddha.
Name: Joel Sawyer Title: White on black light studies drawing - ART 1019, Foundation Drawing Materials: white faber castell pencil crayon on black canson paper. Size: 11”x14” This was by far my favorite task/project that I was given overall from any class this semester. We were assigned to draw a picture of a person hanging upside down on the smart board at the front of the classroom and focus on the light versus the shadowing . At the end of the class I had finished this drawing and was amazed with how well it turned out.
Title: Self-Portrait Assignment – ART 1019, Foundation Drawing Materials: Felt-tip ink pen, sharpie, bond pad paper, hot press board. Size: 11”x14” on 15”x20” For this self-portrait project, we were to come up with a bunch of different ideas of how we see ourselves. We had to sketch out 20 thumbnails of small drawings and choose the one we liked most for further development. I chose to draw myself in a realistic way and used a lot of hatching to create a shading effect on my clothing. I used a sharpie marker to draw the fish on the wall in the background so that the lines would be thicker than the ones I used on me and the wall it’s on.
Name: Joel Sawyer Title: Colour Harmony Systems – Foundation Colour Materials: Guache paint and sharpie marker. Size: 16”x20” For this project we were to explore different colour contrasts and create a graphic translation from a picture that we took in the previous semester in photography. There were a few different approaches to doing this project and I chose to do the one large piece in grey scale with 6 different shapes consisting of 6 different colour contrasts. This was one of the most challenging yet satisfying pieces that I did in this class this semester. Overall, I was very happy with how my finished product turned out and this would have to be one of my best paintings I have ever done.
Name: Joel Sawyer Title: Self Identity Letterhead – Design Process, DESN 1020 Materials: Pencil and marker. Size: 10”x15” For this assignment, we were to come up with an image/logo, which reflects the philosophy of our chosen career area (Tattoo Artist). The design had to only consist of four colours with a flat graphic approach. I chose to use my initials, a fishing hook, and the letter ink to symbolize tattooing. I wanted to create a logo for my future tattoo parlor. I went with bright complementary colours so that my design would pop out at the audience. Overall, I was very happy with how this design turned out.
Name: Joel Sawyer Title: Hands on grey canson paper – Foundation drawing II Life drawing Materials: Black and white pencil crayon. Size: 12”x16” For this assignment, we had to draw our hands, our feet, and our face. For the longest time, I had a lot of issues and struggles when it came to drawing hands. Over the past couple months from being in this course with Noreen, I have learned to concur those issues. When I finished drawing this, I was amazed at how similar and life like it was to my hand next to it and that’s why I put this in my portfolio. The shadowing and lighting turned out amazing and I couldn’t be any happier with how it looks.
Name: Joel Sawyer Title: Creating the illusion of depth – Foundation Colour Materials: Guache paint, pencil crayon, sharpie marker. Size: 11”x15” This projects title basically explains it all. We were to create an illusion of depth either through a realistic or abstract piece. Since we could draw anything we wanted I chose to do something that I am already good at, realism. I wanted to draw someone and create the illusion of depth in pencil grey scale for their face and the hair and the rest of the piece to be painted. I chose to draw one of my favourite rap artists “Eazy E”. I went with warm and cold complementary colours as well as adding black and white to the paint so that it gets brighter and darker in areas where there would be lighting or shadowing. I would have to say this was my favourite piece that I did in the foundation colour program. I am very happy with how it turned out.

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