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What does it mean to be a good citizen?

In order to be a good citizen, there are many things you need to do. For example you need to follow the laws of your community to keep things fair and orderly. There are two main categories that you need to understand in order to be a good citizen; responsibilities and rights. Responsibilities are things that you should do such as pay taxes, and you do these things so that your society gets better. Rights are things that you have the ability to do such as to vote or Freedom of Speech. Some people might have different rights than others, depending on who they are. In conclusion in order to be a good citizen, you need to be informed about your society and act respectfully and responsibly.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

Out of the different types of government, democracy is the most effective style of government. This is because in a democracy, the citizens can have a say in things that could affect their lives. One example of a democracy is the United States, where citizens take part in voting. In the United States, the government is working very well, so it is working for them. Another reason that a democracy is the best style of government is because the leader can't have total control because there is a constitution and rule of law. This means that everybody needs to follow the laws in the constitution, and that a democracy is a form of limited government. A limited government is when the leader or ruler can't have total control over the lives of the citizens. Lastly in a democracy, the rights of citizens are respected, and the responsibilities are usually taken care of. This means that everything is fair in a democracy. Although democracy is the most effective style of government, the citizens play a big part in keeping the society a fair and enjoyable place to be.

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