What is the most delicious fruit you've eaten?

I love the mangosteen. It's also a beautiful fruit. It takes a fair number of years to finally fruit. The tree is tall and has a rounded canopy of thick leaves and the fruits are always hidden inside the canopy of thick leaves so one can't see the fruits. The ripe fruit is usually strewn on the ground. Legend has it that it was popular with Queen Victoria and the current Queen Elizabeth as well. The fruit starts in a pastel pistachio shade and when ripe its skin turns to dark red or purplish depending on the variety. The edible part inside is snowy white and each fruit has about 4-5 segments clasped together similar to the way orange segments are arranged by nature. It's sweet and tangy with acidic notes of a combination unlike other tropical fruit. It's one of a kind . It imparts a fresh taste and is really delicious!

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