Atacama Desert Coastal Deserts

This is a giant hummingbird, it is the largest type of hummingbird. It is also a herbivore.

This is Pircun, it is a plant found in the Atacama.

This is a mountain lion, it is a carnivore.

These are rocks which are abiotic.

This a coast in the Atacama Desert. Which contains water and sand which are both abiotic.

The water cycle: The sun absorbs water from the pircun. That is called transpiration. The collected transpiration becomes condensation which then rains or snows. The water from that runs off the mountain.

The mountain lion is a tertiary consumer and helps decrease the gray wolf population. The gray wolf is omnivore and helps decrease the puda puda population and the giant hummingbird. The giant hummingbird is a primary consumer and it helps spread the Pircun's pollen.

Pircun provides nectar for the giant humming bird. The lechero also provides nectar for the giant hummingbird. The copao provides shelter for the coastal mining bird.


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