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Dream Job

My dream job in the food industry is a food stylist. The job of a food stylist is to arrange and photograph food so that it looks appetizing, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing. The average annual salary of a food stylist is around $40,890

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to stay in a cabin in Olympic National Park in Olympia, WA. The amenities are very limited, however, so the amenity I would use is the outdoor firepit.

Safety & Sanitation

These are photos of Arctic Circle in Highland, UT. They show poor sanitation because there is garbage everywhere, the preparation areas are filthy, and they have not cleaned their machinery. The soda all over the floor is a sanitation issue and is also a safety hazard because people could slip and fall in it.

Food Industry careers Lab

For the Food Industry Careers Lab, we learned about many different jobs within the restaurant industry. I chose to do the Food Stylist. We arranged and plated desserts and took photos. This applied to what we were learning because it taught that there are many different career paths within the restaurant/food industry.

Apple crisp Lab

In the Apple Crisp lab, we put what we learned to the test. We practiced sanitation as we washed the apples and kept our area clean, and practiced safety while using knives to cut the apples.

term 2

knife cuts


Medium Dice


kitchen equipment

I would want a pebble ice maker. I found this appliance from Opal Nugget Ice ( for $499

Oatmeal Cookies lab

In the Oatmeal Cookie lab, we tested the importance of a standardized recipe. We discovered that the best cookies had been made using a standardized recipe.

Mummy roll lab

During this unit, we learned to make dough. We made a mummy roll to practice creating good dough.

White bean & basil bruschetta

During this unit, we learned about nutrition. The white bean bruschetta was a very fibrous snack so it was a good example of good nutrition.

Term 3


My favorite fruit is a kiwi. Kiwis are native to China, but they were first commercially grown in New Zealand. The top five kiwi producers, in order, are China, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, and Greece.

Dressed for success

For my job interview outfit, I picked black slacks, a plain sweater, minimal jewelry, and work appropriate shoes. I think this outfit is simple but classy. It will give the impression that I am serious about my job but that I am not trying to be too showy.

Vegetable pizza

We made a vegetable pizza because we were learning about different kinds of vegetables and their uses. In making this pizza, we used onion, tomato, spinach, bell pepper, artichoke, and mushroom.

Apple swan Lab

In this lab, we were studying on-the-job training. We learned how to make them as we went.

Fruit tart Lab

In the fruit tart lab, we learned more uses of different kinds of fruit. We learned how to garnish desserts with fruit to create interesting plating.

Term 4

Table setting

This is a formal table setting. Silverware is used from the outside in as the courses progress. Dessert utensils are placed above the plate. 3 glasses are placed to the upper right of the plate- a water glass, a white wine glass, and a red wine glass. The bread plate is placed at the top left.

Managing stress

I manage stress by listening to music, meditating, and spending time in nature.

Grains lab

In the grains lab, we learned about and cooked with many different kinds of grains. We used rice, quinoa, orzo, risotto, and couscous. The dish in this picture is an Aztec quinoa salad.

StRess management laB

In the stress management lab, we learned that eating healthy food can be beneficial to mental health. We relaxed and enjoyed a healthy breakfast.

Chopped lab

In our final lab, we put all of our knowledge to the test in a game of Chopped. We were required to be creative, to plan, to work as a team, and to create something delicious.

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