Siamese fighting fish: The Most Amazing Organism on Earth By: Emanni Ramos

I picked the Siamese fighting fish because I have one as a pet and I love their beautiful colors. They are unique species and are underestimated.
This is my fish by the way. His name is Wilbur. He is a 4 year old blue and purple Siamese fighting fish. Based off of his life span he has 1 more year to go. He is a strong fish because I don;t feed him daily like I should. He eats large portions every other week and cannot be in fresh water, partial old water. He is timid and very feisty. He is the reason why I chose the Siamese fighting fish for the most amazing organism
The Siamese fighting fish are from Asia and they are found in ponds, rice paddies and slow streams.
Their tails are what makes them attractive. They use their tails to attract their mate. They use sexual selection instead of natural selection because instead of using what they have to survive they are using what they have to harm them.

The betta fish are called Siamese Fighting fish because Thailand citizens were collecting these fish and breeding them to increase aggression so they can fight.

Betta fish are naturally aggressive and naturally like to show aggression. They use aggression when they fight each other for a mate and when they do not like one another. Usually the male fishes fight more than the females.

For betta fish to mate one way, the male and female are in two separate bowls. Once the females lay eggs on top of the water, you let the male go in the same bowl to put his sperm into they eggs. This is a picture of the two fishes laying together.
The colors of the Betta fish are caused by the presence of guanine crystals present within a layer on the fish’s scales, this is how the colors of certain Betta’s can appear to shimmer or change.
Life Span is 3 - 5 years
This is when the fish show aggression. Their is gills that kind of flutter back and forth when they are mad and want to be aggressive. To me, I think it is cute and at the same time scary.

The female fish does not have the attractive tail like the males. You would think the opposite. The females have a short tail and are a tiny bit smaller. Male fishes have the pretty flawless tails with all of the pretty colors.


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