The Writing Process & 6 Plus 1 Traits of writing

The Writing Process

The Writing Process Stage 1: Pre-Writing

Pre-Writing: jotting down ideas and gathering thoughts about what you are going to write. You can do this by making lists of things to write about!

The Writing Process Stage 2: Drafting

Stage 3: Sharing

Sharing means sharing work with peers as well as your teacher to get feedback about your writing.

Stage 4: Revising

Once you have shared your work with you peers/teacher, it is time to revise. You can go back and edit your old work by adding new details, cutting unnecceary details, or moving things around to make more sense!

Stage 5: Editing

Editing means taking care of any problems you have with writing conventions like spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.

Stage 6: Publishing

Publishing your writing means preparing it so that it can be read, understoood,and enjoyed by the public. (Which could just be the teacher in this case.) The goal in the publishing stage is to make your writing look as good as it sounds.

Stage 7:Assessing

After you've published a piece and let it sit awhile,take it out again and re-read it. Then jot down a few thoughts about what you did. Are there parts you liked better than theirs? Did you learn something new?What does this piece say about you as a writer?

6 Plus 1 Traits of Writing

  1. Ideas: the main message
  2. Organization: the internal structure of the piece
  3. Voice: the personal tone and flavor of the author's message
  4. Word choice: the vocabulary a writer chooses to convey meaning.
  5. Sentence fluency: the rhythm and flow of the language
  6. Conventions: the mechanical correctness.

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