The Murderer Always has a Backstory By: Hannah Davis

My theme is the murderer always has a backstory because in both of my stories The Cabin and A Long Walk to Water. I choose these two stories for this topic because the killer or murderer always seems to have a backstory. An example would be in the story The Cabin it says that Megan gave sleeping drugs to everyone at the cabin including the two characters killed, so therefore it was easier to kill them. Megan got so mad a Josh and Courtney that she had to stop "the pain" by killing them. She has a horrible backstory with both of the characters killed.

Novel #1 The Cabin quote #1: "I'm going to stab Blake. I almost stumbled back in shock. He must be on down rugs." (Page 288) This quote shows that Aaron wanted to kill Blake because Aaron was on drugs and wanted to kill Blake from something Blake did. When ever you are drunk on on drugs, I feel that whenever the user does to much drinking or drugs they tend to say their true feelings and in a way go "crazy". They say their true feelings for a reason, because of what someone did to the user in the past.

Novel #1 The Cabin quote #2: "We dated Mackenzie. I was so surprised I didn't know what to say. Kyle just stood quietly until he had a loud outburst. Mackenzie I know! I know it was wrong, but I loved her. That's why I killed Josh. He stole her from me." (Page 135) This quote clearly portrays that Kyle was so mad at Josh for dating Courtney that he had to kill Josh. Josh always took his "girls" in the past and Kyle was on his last straw. So Kyle killed him.

Novel #2 quote #1: "What was the reason behind these people hurting our people?" (Page 26) This shows that Nya is scared and confused for why the "killers" came to their community. Nya didn't know who their were or what to do once she was separated from her family too. So mainly she was feeling confused.

Novel #1 quote #2: "I hope I can find my family again." (Page 54) This shows that Nya is alone and confused because the killers took over her community and she had to run away as quick as possible. She didn't know what to do once she ran away so she stayed with a group until reunited...hopefully.

Drawn by D. Hwans

This drawing shows that people that are the killers are always hurt from somehow by the person they kill. I believe that this is why people kill other people. So this picture shows that the killer has already gotten "killed" by someone else.

How to murder someone by: Favin Toby Say you love them then never talk to them ever again. The reason why I choose this poem was because the killer usually turns out loving someone. Until that person that they love turns them down. Then they turn into a killer.

My response is that no one should ever murder someone of course. But my claim is that the murderer always has a backstory for killing someone.

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