THE HARN By: Hiya Chowdhury

Medium/Technique of the Art

The artwork that spoke to me the most was La Flora by Cundo Bermudez. This artwork was made using a silk screen and it caught my eye with its beautiful colors and design. These artworks made me feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, due to its vibrant colors and mesmerizing design. I felt like it communicated a sense of freedom and serenity, when I first saw it La Flora took my breath away.

Design of the Museum

This is a picture of my friends, who went to the Harn with me.

The wing that I enjoyed the most out of the entire museum is the one in the picture above, I fell in love with this space as soon as I walked in. I found it so appealing because of the high ceilings and the openness of the entire area. I liked how I could see a lot of the art pieces all at once. The openness of the area made it feel more welcoming and bright.

Art and Core Values

The sculpture Uma-Mahesvara really connects to my core-values in that the artwork it about the love between Shiva and Uma. It connects to me in that I value love, I feel like it really connects people together and I like to make sure that the people closest to me can see how much I love and appreciate them. Seeing this artwork makes me feel whole and it helps me realize how much I cherish the love that I've been fortunate to receive in my life.

Art and the Good Life

I feel like there isn't just one theme of the Good Life, but one artwork that relates the Good Life is the infinity pillars. I feel like this relates to the good life in that the pursuit of the good life is infinite and that even when you've feel like you have found it, you still have much to learn about who you are. On the other hand, I also feel like it symbolizes people in that our mind in infinite and never ending, and that when we find who we are we can stand tall and strong.


All of the pictures were taken by me during my visit to the Harn.

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