My Focused Future Project By: DeRon Rippatoe Jr.

I've always wanted to move to Japan its a promise i made myself.
I want to learn a few languages not just Spanish and Japanese.
I'm planning to explore the world with my friends and family i don't find America very amazing there's not that much to visit. China i feel like their more family oriented people.
Most people in the world wants Mansion's but i would just like a home big enough to live with my family and friends.
My future job is to become a animal trainer/ animal rescue.
Drawling is just a hobby but it may bring me somewhere in my future.
I also want to learn scripting because scripting creates websites and i was taught that in my past but it may become something big in the future.
Creating video games
I want to be wealthy enough to help find homes for the poor the safety of others is very important to me.
The last thing for my future is to become the best at Parkour.


Created with images by Dimitry B - "Islands in the sea of clouds, Huangshan, China" • Purota - "tokyo sunset architecture" • Yoshikazu TAKADA - "Crepuscular Rays" • yellowmagics9 - "tokyo japan city" • Atif Johari - "Tokyo, Japan" • aljuarez - "Tokyo, Japan" • Toomore - "明治神宮 Tokyo, Japan / KODAK 500T 5219 / Lomo LC-A+" • Nick Kenrick. - "Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived. .. Sidney Sheldon" • kasabubu - "santorini greek island cyclades" • LoggaWiggler - "taj mahal mausoleum agra" • Nick Kenrick. - "Jaisalmer Rajasthan . India" • Moyan_Brenn - "Italy" • tpsdave - "denver colorado city" • Unsplash - "lakeside mansions mountains landscape" • tpsdave - "governor's mansion montgomery alabama" • Unsplash - "castle lawn great britain" • Loimere - "Haliburton Wolf Centre" • Efraimstochter - "elephant sheikh tamer" • Brittany Silverstein - "Cheetah" • stevendepolo - "Wetsuit Dolphin Theatre of the Sea 2-1-10 IMG_1690" • lostmaxi - "red panda zoo animal" • Tegnkarl - "wolf nature farm" • amurca - "man artist street" • ||-SAM Nasim-|| - "Art" • phototwp - "Arts" • Phillip Pessar - "Mural Wynwood Art District" • Arturo Espinosa - "318/11 - Waiting for its owner." • Alexas_Fotos - "yoschi fig funny" • Alexas_Fotos - "mario fig play" • petersmartins - "poor" • Beshr Abdulhadi - "Poor" • Eugen Anghel - "Homeless with Sparrow" • JerzyGorecki - "poverty pauper poor" • - "House" • mondi - "Parkour" • bboylanky - "Parkour" • rwkvisual - "Parkour" • whatleydude - "Parkour on the Southbank" • Daniel Petty - "_MG_1980" • ben.hollis - "Justin leap" • Daniel Petty - "_MG_2104"

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