Exercises By: Olivia, Paige, Emma

Morning. 1. 20 sit ups 2. 20 jumping jack 3. 20 Squats
Afternoon 1. 20 lunges 2. 1 minute plank 3. 20 push-ups
Evening 1. 35 mountain climbers 2. 30 minute run 3. 25 burpies

Why do people need fresh air? There are many health benefits of fresh air, such as Fresh air cleans the lungs and helps to bring more oxygen to the cells. More oxygen also brings greater clarity to the brain.

What happens when you stay in a closed in area? If you stay in a closed in area for a long period of time, you will end up breathing in the same air over and over again. The oxygen content of the air will go down.

Where can you find fresh air? Oxygen is very important component of life. Fresh air is a free gift that we need to breathe liberally. To enjoy fresh air, it does not mean at to you can find it everywhere outdoors.


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