"SONG." James Russell Lowell



Open your eyes they are so beautiful. They are bright and full of many different things that I would like to see. You are just so perfect, with so much order and control.


Speak to me, I will listen. Just poor out what you are feeling, I want to hear your troubles and your good times. Your voice is so mesmerizing its like a song telling me how you feel.


I know you. Something is holding your thoughts. You are holding my thoughts. You are so balanced and it slowly is making my mind go hazy. You slowly are drifting my love, and i am on edge and your voice is all I need to hear.


In the he first stanza is sending the message to the reader that the author wants the person he is writing about to come alive. Whether this is a literal or spiritual coming alive the author shows this when he says "lift up the curtains of thine eyes." Also when he says, "Let their lights outshine." When he says "Let their lights outshine" he is describing how bright this woman's eyes are to him. Giving the author and enlightened mood. The author is also creating this "heavenly" figure by the repetition of "soul."

Within the second stanza the author gives the reader a sense that he is talking to his loved one or someone that he may have found, and still finds, to be important in his life. When he points out the features of the lips in the poem, this makes the reader think that he longs to hear this person speak.Following the emphasis of the lips he says "And, while my soul doth hush" when he says this it creates a quiet and subtle silence.Other than this quiet and long for sound, he seems as tho he is dependent of this person when he says "holy strength" making it seem as though he needs this person so he is strong.

The final stanza gives the image that the author is speaking to someone that is either far away or as some would say, "beyond the grave". This is what is to be thought when the author says, "far, far above Earth's atmosphere," in the final lines of this poem. The author obviously has a strong and serious connection with the person he is writing about.Of these three stanzas, the author seems to be giving a calm and loving tone to the audience.

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