Lubbock has grown into a vibrant and bustling city. While many things have changed since its incorporation in 1909, one thing has remained the same. Lubbock continues to be known for the charm and hospitality of its people.

To the people of Lubbock, Tx. It is so refreshing to be greeted by so many friendly happy people. A great American City. Thank You. - Brian Baldinger

Though you are still likely to see a cowboy hat or two, you’re also just as likely to see an Armani suit or the red sole flashes of a pair of Louboutins. This touch of modern with classic West Texas friendliness is what makes Lubbock such a unique city.

Today Lubbock is the crossroads of culture in West Texas. It is the hub of art exhibits, award-winning wineries, live music, theatrical performances and more. Thanks to its thriving and increasingly diverse art and culture scene, Lubbock attracts millions of visitors each and every year.

"Fields beyond the horizon in Lubbock. Beauty is in everything. I'm grateful to live in a beautiful town like Savannah, but I'm always taken back by different parts of the country and what makes the land is always the people. Lubbock, your land is rich."

Today, Texas Tech University brings the energy of a young college town into the friendly city of Lubbock. As a member of the Big 12 Conference, the school provides ample opportunities to watch great teams compete in football, basketball, baseball and more.

Lubbock is the only city in the nation with a comprehensive university, a health sciences center, an agriculture college and a law school in one location, making Texas Tech University the second largest contiguous university campus in the United States.




Overton Park Land Redevelopment

In 1999, Delbert McDougal announced that McDougal Land would redevelop 325 acres of dilapidated housing located adjacent to Texas Tech University. The neighborhood known as North Overton was one of Lubbock’s earliest housing neighborhoods with the area’s oldest home being built in 1908.

A Neighborhood Reclaimed

McDougal had a plan: reclaim the neighborhood after years of deterioration, complement the growth of Texas Tech University and contribute to the revitalization of downtown. In just ten years, McDougal created the largest private residential redevelopment project in the history of the United States. The run-down, community once known as North Overton was successfully transformed into Overton Park, a model mixed used urban community of state of the art living, shopping, dining, and destination for visitors and conventions.

Overton Park is now filled with mutli-family and single family homes as well as commercial real estate. The once aged neighborhood is now a thriving community housing thousands of students within walking distance of Texas Tech University.


Newly constructed housing complexes abound with highly-desired amenities and resort-like pools and outdoor spaces.


Satisfy all your cravings and shopping needs within walking distance of campus, dorms, and apartments.


Overton Hotel

In the heart of the Hub City just steps from Texas Tech University, The Overton Hotel & Conference Center shines brightly as the first and only AAA Four-Diamond hotel in West Texas. This downtown Lubbock landmark blends luxury rooms and fine dining with southwestern charm and big city sophistication.

Hyatt Place

Find your new home away from home in Northwest Texas at Hyatt Place Lubbock. Our Lubbock hotel’s just minutes away from the best the city offers, including museums, shopping malls, wineries, golf courses, local businesses and the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.


Memorial Circle may be the heart of the Texas Tech campus, but the intersection of Broadway and University is the pulse. The main entrance to campus leads visitors, students and alumni through longstanding local establishments such as The Matador, Chimy’s, Red Raider Outfitters, Crickets, Varsity Bookstore and One Guy From Italy. All staples of the Texas Tech collegiate experience.


Known as the Hub City, Lubbock is the shopping destination for all West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Local retailers and national chains cover the city landscape providing incredible options at every price level.


Lubbock continues to lay claim to having more restaurants per capita than any city its size in the country. Whether you want local flare, food trucks, farmers markets or national chains, we have just what you have been craving.


Lubbock’s residential building boom is something to behold with new neighborhoods coming on line every few months. A stable and robust economy has fueled this boom and there are no signs of slowing down. Lubbock enjoys incredible housing options from some of the most talented builders and designers in the nation.


Lubbock County is the nation's top cotton producing area while Texas is the country's top cotton-producing state. The High Plains alone produces two-thirds of all Texas cotton and cottonseed. Cotton growers on the High Plains produce, on average, four million bales each year, which is roughly two-thirds of the Texas cotton crop, one-third of the nation's crops and four percent of the world's cotton crop.