How to build my bridge By Jacob riney


  • 300 Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Rubber
  • Tissue box
  • Paper clips
  • Yard stick

Sides :

  • Step 1 - make sure you have every supply you need and put them into separate groups.
  • Step 2 - measure 32 inches
  • Step 3 - glue 2 rows of sticks 32 inches long
  • Step 4 - connect 2 rows by making a long rectangle.
  • Step 5 - make 10 triangles and 2 long rows of sticks overlapping 25 inches long

Top :

  • Step 1 - place triangles in order and put tissue box in between and put rubber bands around everything to hold in place while drying
  • Step 2 -After all of the triangles dry add each stick to the top of the triangles and use paper clips to help hold in place while drying
  • Step 3 -Place a few sticks to each side and glue

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