Student Newsletter -November 2016- By Hina Kato

Hi everyone! My name is Hina and I am currently a second year studying chemistry in the School of Engineering. Coming to Nagoya University is one of the best decisions I made as it provided me an opportunity to live in a new country and to study and grow with people with very different cultural backgrounds. First year at Nagoya University was full of challenges, lots of assignments and classes. I had 3 to 4 classes on average each day. Online physics assignment would often take at least 4 hours for completion. But that's okay because we would always help one another. It’s definitely not easy keeping a balance between your academic and social life at first but after several months, you’d know your schedule better and will become able to enjoy Nagoya better.

Now that I'm in second year, I have a lot more free time. We are almost done with the Liberal Art courses and are all excited about the specialized courses starting. There's also time for bukatsu (student clubs) and circles. I highly suggest joining a circle, as it will give you an opportunity to make Japanese friends.

Nagoya is definitely one of the warmest and friendliest cities in Japan. I remember getting on the wrong train on the day of my flight back to China. Two girls approached me and kindly wrote the correct train and station name on a piece of paper and handed it to me. Happenings like this definitely make me appreciate the people here more. Japan is definitely one of the most interesting countries with one of the richest and most colorful culture. Living here is undeniably a great experience and I am sure it will be for you too.

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