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Caroline is Millie’s Mama. Her and her husband (Derek) live in a beautiful century home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with their two labradoodles (Kirby and Ella). The four of them enjoy spending lots of time on the beach. When Stefanie began the process of writing a Children’s Book about Millie, Caroline knew she had to be part of the process. She loves drawing colourful and fun images, she also knew Millie’s face and personality best. Millie’s family loved her more than anything in the world. She had so many special times at home. She was a true Heart Warrior.

Millie Grace Robertson was born December 23rd, 2016 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario at 7:08 am. Her heart needed help right away, so she was transfer through underground tunnels to the Hospital for Sick Children. Her Mama was left behind.

Millie’ s Congenital Heart Defects include Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome and Pulmonary Vein Stenosis. Millie remained in Cardiac Critical Care for the first three months of her life while her parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald House.

Millie’s parents were not allowed to sleep at the hospital with Millie, so her Dada would sit in a chair next to her bed all night and refuse to sleep. He would hold her little hands all night long. Her first New Year’s Eve she spent with her Dada and the nurses. At midnight they toasted with soda water. It was the best New Years because beautiful Millie was here.

Millie’s parents were told when she was two months old that she needed a heart and lung transplant. She would be the first infant heart and lung transplant in Canada. At this time they began focusing on giving Millie life experiences and meeting all her family and friends.

Millie was christened at Sick Kids Hospital in a special family room. She wore her Mama’s christening gown and she was so beautiful surrounded by the love of her family.

Millie met many friends and family during this period of unknown. They flew all the way from Nova Scotia and some from Newfoundland to meet and love her.

Millie’s Dada wanted her to see the outside but Millie was too sick. Some very special nurses arranged for Millie to leave Critical Care long enough to look out the windows at the snow with her Dada.

Millie was a few months old before she had her first bath. She hated it at first but soon they became her favourite activity.

Millie’s Dada would show her pictures of her family back home and tell her stories about each of them. She would stare captivated at his phone, taking in the faces of all those who loved her.

Millie finally got to come home when she was four months old. Her parents were so thankful to get to be in their own space and learn how to care for Millie all by themselves.

Millie loved her nursery and slept so soundly her first night at home. She’d never slept alone before. She loved the quiet but felt safe knowing her Mama and Dada were close by.

Millie loved watching cartoons with Mama in the morning.

She got so many kisses and was so loved. She spent lots of time by the pool surrounded by family.

She started to grow all on her own and soon she didnt need her NG tube anymore. She thrived at home.

Millie’s Mama and Dada affectionately refered to her as their Baby Shark. Millie loved the music video Baby Shark. When she had minor procedures in the hospital she would watch the video and her parents would sing the song. The music made Millie so happy that she forgot to be scared.

Millie’s puppy sisters were so excited to finally meet her. They spent many months living with different friends and family while their parents cared for their sister in Toronto. She was their baby and they spent their days guarding her, watching cartoons and sleeping on her blankets.

One very special day, Millie got to go to the beach. She had a picnic with her Mama, Dada and puppies. She sat on the beach, laughed and smiled while the waves rolled over her toes.

Millie loved when people came to visit her at home, like her Nanny and Papa!

Millie loved food! She would help her parents cook and taste everything.

Millie was the sweetest most beautiful baby there ever was and her parents loved her so much.

Millie loved naps and cuddles.

She kept growing and growing. She was doing so well. Her heart was working and she loved life. Everyone was happy.

But soon it would be time to go back to the Hospital for Sick Children. After many complications, Millie’s Mama and Dada had to make a very difficult decision. They had to let Millie go. She was so brave and strong. She made a huge impact on the world in her short time. Coming home without her was one of the most difficult things they would ever have to do. But they treasure all the happy memories and love that Millie brought into their life.

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