MGA 102 Principles and History of Typography Anthousa Papadopoulou, Charalambia Englezou

Everyday Typography
Print before Gutenberg "Phaistos Disc" (Mother's pray).
Print before Gutenberg "Hieroglyphics on papyrus".
Print before Gutenberg "Egyptian Typography on papyrus".
Anatomy of Type
Project 2: Typeface~Anthousa Papadopoulou
Project 2: Typeface~Charalambia Englezou
Historical Taxonomies: Century Gothic
John Baskeville
Baskeville Font
New Baskeville Font
Typographic Hierarchy
Positive and Negative Space
Type as Image
Project 3: Hierarchy~Anthousa Papadopoulou
Project 3: Hierarchy~Charalambia Englezou
Typographic Grid: Type and Image
Golden Ratio
Experimental Typography
Project 1: Shape and Letter~Charalambia Englezou
Project 1: Shape and Letter~Anthousa Papadopoulou
Booklet: Charalambia Englezou
Booklet: Anthousa Papadopoulou

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