Faces of Yuba Water Molly Bolar, Human Resources Analyst

Yuba Water Agency's human resources analyst, Molly Bolar, is responsible for helping recruit and retain the best possible employees for the agency, while also assisting current employees with any requests or needs as they arise. Molly also constantly works on many Human Resources related projects, such as job descriptions, employee benefits, policies, training and more.

What do you do for Yuba Water Agency?

I am typically the first stop for our employees on anything related to employee benefits, recruiting, leaves of absence and any general, Human Resources related topics. Anything related to our employees' interaction with the agency, I can either help or direct appropriately!

Have your essential duties changed since COVID-19? If so, what has changed?

Since COVID-19, my essential duties have not changed much, but the avenue in which we get things done has been a bit more creative. For instance, our interviews that used to be in person are now being held via Zoom for the safety of our employees and candidates. We now use Microsoft Teams for our inter-department meetings and are always looking at ways to create electronic files, so that we consistently have access to the most important information without having to enter the agency's facilities on a regular basis (shout out to the IT department for keeping us going). In addition, an added responsibility has been assisting the COVID taskforce team with any employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, exposure or positive tests. There isn’t a lack of work to be done in human resources, and I'm happy to be here.

Photo: Molly enjoys an evening with coworkers and families watching the Marysville Gold Sox baseball team.

What do you enjoy most about working for Yuba Water Agency?

What I enjoy most about the agency is the caliber of talent and genuineness of each of our employees. I have lived in this county for almost 16 years, and while I did not grow up here, it never occurred to me that I might actually work in the same county. Note: I moved here for the cost of housing, lot size and not to be in the middle of a larger city, and it did NOT include a job. I figured I would be commuting for the rest of my career. I also feel like we have hand-picked each employee, whether from this county or from neighboring counties, and that we have the “best of the best."

Tell us something about yourself that most of us don’t know.

I am a cowgirl at heart. In high school, I worked every summer at a horsemanship camp in Grass Valley called Wolf Mountain, either as a wrangler or counselor. Those were some of the most fun times I had, and I still have lifelong friends from there.

(left) Molly and her niece, Charlotte, enjoy some ice cream in North Lake Tahoe. (middle) Molly takes a hike in Yuba County. (right) Molly's family's border collie and running partner, Savvy.

Before working here, what was the most interesting job you had?

I think the most interesting job I've had was working for an automotive shop when I was going to school in Fresno. It was a small business owned by a prominent family who happened to have all daughters. The owner was adamant about hiring as many women as possible. While he never could find a quality female mechanic, the parts manager was a woman, so I helped her by running parts and picking up Mother's Cookies' and Entenmann’s delivery trucks and bringing them back to the shop for servicing. My dad taught me how to drive a mid-1950s 1-ton GMC flatbed truck at 12 and said that if I could drive that I could drive anything, and he was right! It came in handy for this job because I was the only one who knew how to drive a stick-shift.

What do you like to do in your free time?

The ONLY good thing about COVID-19 is that it has given me a little break from our kids’ extra-curricular activities so that I can start doing more of what I love to do. I enjoy being outside as much as possible and sunshine! Hiking is something I’ve been doing more of and I have a list of some local spots that I would like to check-off over the next couple of years. Thanks to fellow employee Ben Deal for some great suggestions. Looking forward to doing more in 2021.