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Judaism was founded in the Eastern Mediterranean by a prophet named Moses. It was the first of the Abraham, monotheistic religions and has existed since the second millennium B.C.E.

Followers of the religion, known as Jews, believe there is only one God who had chosen them as his people. Each follows the Talmud and the Hebrew Bible in temples. According to these books, one day a messiah will reunite all those who follow Judaism back into Israel and rebuild the Temple. Saturday is known as the holy day of rest and the Sabbath should not be read on that day. Meat from non-hooved animals and scale-less fish should not be eaten and any meat should not go with milk. Rabbis are the leaders of the temples. They also believe in a Heaven and Hell afterlife.

Judaism is split into three sections, Ashkenazim, Sephradic, and Mizrahi Jews.

Judaism celebrates Hanukkah, Purim, Yom Kipper, Rosh Hanasha, and many more festivals and holidays.

Star of David
Star of David


Christianity was founded by Jesus in the Middle East. It was the second of the Abraham religions.

Christianity is based off the teachings of the bible, which is read in churches by priests. They believe Jesus was born to Mary through God and that they should be loving and caring to all. The afterlife is Heaven or Hell which is determined by your actions as a human. This religion follows the ten commandments to give them a perfect life and reservation after. Jesus is the son of God and is the messiah that has been risen. They also believe in one God.

Christianity often celebrates holidays such as Easter, Ash Wednesday, Communion, Baptism, and Christmas.

Christianity has three sections, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant.

Jesus on Cross


Islam was founded by Muhammad and began in the Middle East. It was the last of the Abraham religions.

Islam has three groups, Sunni'is, Shi'ites, Suffis, and Ismallis.

Islam follows the teachings of the Qur'an, read by an iman in a Mosque. They believe they are the final and true religion to Allah. They also believe Muhammad was the messiah and continues from the other two religions. They believe in the five pillars and that following this in the test of life is a reserved spot in Heaven. Those who don't, are put into Hell. They also believe in one God. Pork, gambling, and alcohol are banned in the religion along with figures of humans or animals in pictures.

Ramadan, Eid-Ul- Fitr, Eid- Ul-Adha, and Month of Pilgrimages are all holidays celebrated in Islam.

Crescent and Star
Crescent and Star on flag
Crescent and Star on flag
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