This Is War By Il Nino

One Nation Underground

2005 | Metal

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“He was enslaved, to the dirty system to face the end mother fucking come on. -- This was the final mission. -- His life had just begun it all had to be so fucked up. -- His death to me, so fucked, his face remains so deathless."


  • One Nation Underground hit #101 on the Billboard 200.
  • Ill Niño formed in Union City, New Jersey in 1998 by founder/drummer Dave Chavarri.
  • This is the band's last album with guitarist Jardel Paisante.


Luke Tatum

To me, this song is about life on the streets. Life with violence around every corner. Not a life I grew up living, though I did hear some interesting things from my college roommate. He grew up in a much, much bigger city than I did. History buff. An anarchist before I was one. Cool guy, all around. To hear him tell it, he never learned math because his math teachers were all terrible, and there were regular fistfights in the hallways between students and teachers. Bullets passed through his house as a result of a local gang conflict which he was not a part of. If he or his family had been injured or killed, they would have been collateral. Bear in mind, all of this happened in spite of even while there is a massive police presence in the city. Makes you wonder what we pay those pigs for, eh?

Sherry Voluntary

Niceee NuMetal! Love the contrasting acoustic with electric solo in the middle. Nothing soft or nice about the drug war though, especially for those trapped in an environment where there is little in the way of opportunity that has not been made illegal by The State. The drug war is a trap and poor minority kids pay the biggest price, just look at the US “criminal justice” system for all the evidence you need. The drug war was started in racism, has made the problems worse, and even though it casts a net for people of all colors, it is still the biggest perpetuation of racism and minority abuse in the government. The drug war must end!

Nicky P

Yay, nu-metal. I heard some singing and some yelling. But i can still make out the words...the English ones anyway. This song seems to be about a young person who lost their life to the conditions in a modern ghetto. Those places where government intervention just seems to make life harder for everyone who finds themselves there. Places where all opportunity is chased away by terrible policy that stifles business. I wish more people would look at the unfortunate young people killed in the drug war because it was the only lucrative way to try and better their lot in life. Those deaths are on the consciousnesses of our politicians. Please start a war the drug war.

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Nicky P