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quizlet - group quiz - mind maps

These 3 study skills I have note indulged in before this semester. In this class I have learned self testing and recall are huge in retention. I started using quizlet this year. For biology, every test I have used a quizlett and seen vast improvements. From test 1-2 I jumped 30 points from using recall and self quizzing as study habits. However, none of these procedures have full effect without a good rest before an examination. A paramount task for any exam is for you to have enough sleep to reach a deep REM sleep which is key to retention.

quizlet flashcarrds for bio
self testing

Also I used self test for chem and math by doing various practice questions before exams. This helped me gain knowledge and use study time more effectively as long as help with retention. My grade in chem improved 25 points from test 1 to test 2.

group doing practice tests

My studying was a very interesting task to develop. Just consciously trying to recall information and go over it in my head seemed to slightly help my studying later in my studies.

The results

Bio test 1 - 70 So clearly this is not an outstanding grade. After the first test is when I started using Quizlet to organize all the terms into one spot and try and figure out what I needed to learn. And then test 2 rolled around.

Bio test 2 - 90 This test also happened to be my first college A. I was excited when I received this news and was so happy to see the extra work I did to improve my grade actually worked.

Chem test 1 - 72 Another very average, even sub-par exam grade. It was after this that I really took the practice exams to heart. They are such a great resource to use. That was the major change that I made for test 2

Chem test 2 - 95 The second A. What a great feeling knowing you are actually picking up your grades after struggling so hard first semester and then finally seeing the fruit of your labor come to life.

the future

From here there is only one other task, to maintain. Its important to not see this and then relax. Remember how we got the A... it was through the work and thats it. No way around it. It is very easy to let off the gas and start to cruise. But that not how people succeed and thats not how you stay in this amazing institution.


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