Tattoos on The Heart Project By: Dawson Radik

Chapter 2: This chapter was called Dis-Grace, and that means to me that we are not allowing grace in our lives so it can help us. We do not always accept grace as we should. One of my favorite stories in this chapter is the one of Danny. This story was one of my favorites because it shows how chill G is and still has hope for the kid even after he lights firecrackers in G's office. But we all know we are really the only ones who can accept grace for ourselves

Chapter 5: This chapter was called Slow work. This chapter to me means that you do not have to do work fast. You can do your work slow as long as it is your best. Cause I know everyone try's to rush their work when they do not need to. One story that really fits this is when G talks to Grumpy about getting his tattoos removed. This shows slow work because he didn't get them removed until like 5 months plus al the treatments.

Chapter 8: This Chapter is called success. Success to me means is valued by how you do in your church life, and your successes in life. Many people view success as values or your possessions. We know that those definitions are not the best views of success. My story from this chapter is one that really touched me and that was the dream of La Shady and the whit dove in the casket. The white dove in this dream was referring to the Holy Spirit and it being free.

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