Life in Sudan By: cole walther


Sudan is in Northeastern hemisphere and is located in Africa.
Sudan borders 10 different country's and one sea. Those countries are, Kenya, Uganda, Congo DRC, Eritea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, and Chad. Sudan also borders the Red Sea.
Khartoum is Sudan's capital and is located at 15.5° N and 32.5° E

Physical Characteristics

Sudan is located in the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. Sudan is located at 12.86*N and 30.2*E.
Sudan has a vast majority of physical features like rivers, islands, deserts, and mountains, etc. Sudan has the Nile located in it, also Sudan has the meeting point for where the Red and White Nile meet the main Nile. Sudan also borders the Red Sea, even though most of Sudan is desert like the Sahara.


Sudan has a large population with a total of 47.9 million people. Sudan is a not very crowded country with an average of 69.4 people per square mile. Sudan is a rapidly growing country with an increase of 2.4% every year.
Sudan's world rank is 164th in population density. This rank will go higher as Sudan's population continues to increase.

Sudan's Largest Cities

Sudan has no megacities. In fact Sudan only has 3 cities with over a million people. The most popular city is Umm Derman with 1.85 million. Khartoum is the second most popular city with 1.41 million and Al-Khartoum Bhari with 1.012 million. The other 2 most popular cities only have 500 thousand or fewer people. Those cities are Niyala with 492 thousand and South Defour with 487 thousand.

Sudan's net migration rate is -4.14/1000, so more people are leaving the country then entering. Most people are leaving the country because of the 40 year long civil war within the country and the rising amount of terrorism.


Sudan is a developing country. Due to their GDP per capita of $2,600/year, it is simply not enough to sustain shelter, food, and a family at once. Another reason that Sudan is a developing country is that their life expectancy is 63.32 years, which is a short life compared to most countries in the world. Also, due to a low GDP they cannot pay for healthcare because it is simply too expensive to afford. If they would have more money or a higher GDP per capita they could afford healthcare, which could raise their life expectancy. Almost 1/3 of Sudan cannot read or write. The literacy rate is 71.9% of their whole country. These reasons show why Sudan is a developing country.


Sudan's official language is Arabic however they have a lot of different indigenous languages. They learn how to speak English too. 97% of Sudanese people are Islamic - mostly Sunni Muslim. Another 1.5% is Christian. The other 1.5% is African traditional religion. Sudan does not have just one major sport focus. Instead a vast number of sports are played in the country. The famous sports and games in Sudan are football, basketball, handball, track, and volleyball.
Food and cuisine is a huge part of Sudanese culture. Their food represents their history and lifestyles they live. Central Sudan has a variety of people, and a variety of cuisine. Kissra is one of the most popular dishes. It is made up of corn, or durra, and is eaten with a stew. Stews are a main part in their cuisine and are made up of dried meat, dried onions, spices, and peanut butter. Spices and other vegetables like dried okra and potatoes are also used.

Sudan's has many physical characteristics, Sudan also hold's a lot national landmarks. one of the major attractions for tourist is the Dinder National Park. This park holds a variety of animals and sights. Lions, Foxes, and Ox's are what this park is mainly known for.

Another landmark is the KuKu Zoo. Related to the Dinder National park, the Zoo holds a veriety of animals and natural life. The zoo is known for its mix of having so natural looking cages.

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