Gene Therapy to Prevent Blindness by Savion and Emily

Gene therapy to prevent blindness helps cure blindness, and other diseases of the eyes, using an injection, or a certain type of eye drop. The injection or droplets work by putting it into the place where the disease occurs. A lot of diseases for blindness happen in the rear part of an eye. They have something called vascular endothelial growth factor. That stimulates the growth of blood vessels. This therapy has been developed by studies, research, and investigations all around the world.

Scientists have been trying to inhibit the growth factor using gene therapy, but it involves an injection to get to the back of the eye. Gang Wei and colleagues wanted to find a noninvasive approach to the situation. Researches developed a gene delivery system using a peptide called penetration, which shown good permeability in eye. Test on rats using it as an eye drop, moved quickly from eye’s surface to rear inner lining. The results demonstrate the method’s chance for delivering gene therapy to treat several eye diseases.

This Gene therapy has a ton of impact on our society today. The main reason being is that it has been curing a lot of people from blindness and other eye diseases. And from now on, this therapy is just advancing, because of modern research groups and discoveries from people. More and more people will be cured faster, and easier. In the future all of these diseases that couldn’t be cured before, will all be curable due to modern science.

If our topic becomes more widespread, more development and advancements in research could be used to better the procedures. More research for our topic has many benefits in many ways. More people could be aware that there is something out there that could cure blindness. Not only that, but the fact that more people could be able to help in trying to advance research, would help overall. In the end, many more chances would be open for gene therapy to prevent blindness if it were to be more widespread.

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