Political Interpretations of the Wizard of Oz Tucker Henderson

Dorothy represented the American people. She was simple, and lived out in the country - like most of the American population in the 1800's.
Scarecrow represented the American farmers, who had troubles in the 19th century. They were seen as inferior and were mocked in the 1800's.
The Cowardly Lion represented William Jennings Bryan, who was our Secretary of State from 1913 - 1915. He was known to drop his ideas he was committed to because of stress.
The Flying Monkeys represented Native Americans. They were forced out of their happy life to be forced by a more powerful leader.
Tin Man represented the American industrial workers in the 19th century.
The Wizard of Oz represents corrupt politicians in the 1800's. He had a public persona and got his fortune behind the scenes.
The Wicked With of the East represented Eastern Industrial Magnates with a lot of power and money.
The cyclone represented the Populist movement that went through Kansas in the 1890's.
Toto represented Prohibitionists. They followed "soberly" behind the Populists, as Toto followed behind Dorothy.
Auntie Em and Uncle Henry represent the drab life in Kansas in the 19th century.
The Good Witch of the North represents northern voters. They gave electoral support.
The Silver shoes represent the want for Silver backing for our currency.

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