Neil Armstrong ElIana

Let's learn about Neil Armstrong! One character trait is that he loved flying! I know that because his dad took him to a air show at the age of 5. He was also advavehersh, because he was the first man to walk on the moon. He is caring,and I know that because he fount in Koren! Oh no! Now the last one he likes DANGER! I know that because he did a dangerous job, and he said it was exciting! I hoped you liked it!

321 blast off

Welcome back! This is about early life about Neil Armstrong. Where he lived is Wapakoneta,Ohio. Also when he was born is August 5,1930. Now we will be going to adult life and why he's famous. What his work was to be an astronaut! Hobbies he had done are walking on the moon. Events he has been to are air shows. Now this is why he is famous, because he was the first man to walk on the moon! I hoped you liked everything about my story! Thank you for reading!


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