An Experience of Nature at the Florida Museum of Natural History By David Mara

Nature on display

Actually a hard picture to take moving back a ridiculous distance

Throughout this assignment I have been challenged to look into a deeper appreciation with nature with connections to ethics and the human spirit. To start I found an appeal in a simple aspect of how huge this giant ground sloth. For reference my backpack is about 2 feet tall so in person this was a towering figure. It had such a presence I had to stop and really think about the earth 2,000,000 years ago. The sloth evokes an image of a brutally primal landscape. Seriously this leaf eater has foot long claws for self defense. I read dinosaur books as a kid but this helped me to understand the degree of the brutality.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Garden at the Florida Museum of Natural History

My experience at the butterfly garden made me think about ethics in the vein of Aldo Leopold. The stimulation of the senses and connection I felt being in the heart of the land of butterflies and amidst nature's art is one more valuable than the economic benefit of using the land for industry in areas like this around the world.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This section of of the Museum featuring the Calusa Native American tribe really spoke about the Human Spirit to me. These people on look like they are on the foundation of a home. The use of "trash piles" in what they called middens speaks volumes to me about the ingenuity of human kind even 500 years ago. It tells me people throughout history did what they needed to not only to survive but to live fulfilling lives.

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