Welcome to the Sand Cafe 38 Lyndhurst Road, Worthing, BN11 2DF

How It Started

Our Trainees told us to open a cafe. Simple.

After spending a year working with trainees in the Stars and Dandelions Preloved Children's Goods shop, we learned the following:

  • Our young people with learning difficulties want more career options than are currently available or accessible.
  • Our young people want PAID work to have a chance of leading an independent life.
  • Our young people want to socialise safely with others and feel part of their community.
So we set up a cafe that would provide personalised work training programmes in an environment that provided day to day social interaction and business opportunities. And cake.

Welcome to...

The Cafe that promotes Work, Independence and Community

Our menu and online ordering service (to save waiting during your lunch hour) can be found here.

Who We Are

(from left to right) Libby, Marita and Kate

Since starting as a Work Aid referred trainee, Libby's journey with us has been fast and furious! We were so impressed by her progress during her Graphic Design work experience placement that she is now a fully fledged employee of the Sand Project. As well as providing teaching support for the Visable Learning programmes, Libby is our Junior Content Producer apprentice, training with Ginger Nut Training. She is also unstoppable behind the counter in the cafe! We are so proud, delighted and LUCKY to have her in our team.

When Marita happened to mention to an old friend (Kate) that she was considering a career change she was promptly handcuffed to the Sand Project sign and never released. With her extensive experience in food, teaching, and business, Marita has been pivotal in supporting the growth and development of the Sand Project, taking it from a community venture to a limited company. And she bakes a mean lemon drizzle cake. In plainer terms, this simply could not be done without her. She describes herself as "the lead weight to Kate's helium balloon."

As founder of The Sand Project, ex teacher Kate spends her time developing alternative learning programmes that challenge the current education system and promote longer term impact in the work place for our young people (and the employers they work for!!). This often means pursuing crazy ideas and enterprises she has absolutely no experience or skill in. Such as running shops, magazines, cafes and, most recently, a gardening project. Luckily she knows many incredible people whose knowledge and skill far exceeds her own and who she is able to learn from. When she decides to listen.

Keep up to date with all the goings on inside the cafe by checking out our video diaries, Inside the Sand Cafe

Sand Cafe

38 Lyndhurst Road, Worthing, BN11 2DF


All photography by Libby Manville 2019