Should cyber bulling be counted as a federal crime? Gwen Edwards

The girl crying in her room because of mean comments.

A girl made a YouTube video, and people made fun of her skin disease because it made her look ugly. Her dad was part of the government and he talked to the president, and the president said, "Why should I care about other people's fellings when I so busy with money management problems." The girl's dad went home to tell the girl that the president did not care, but when he went in to her room she was crying wile she was reading more comments online.

How often cyber bulling really happens

I think that the president should make a law that says cyber bulling is a federal crime. It can hurt so many people so fast even if you don't even mean to. It can also happen to anyone,. And according to "Cyber bulling can happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere and not knowing who the attacker is. Between the ages 10-18 is usually where cyber bulling occurs the most."

Other people think that cyber bulling should not be a federal crime because it is there kid that is bulling, and they do not want to have their kid being in Juvenal Detention or doing servas.

I want people to to tell someone if they are being bulled, and to tell the president of the US to make a law which says if you cyber bully it will counted as a federal crime.

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