Computer Applications a REFLECTION

Why I chose this class

  • This class gives me useful tools for the workforce as well as my time in school
  • I was interested in learning more about softwares such as Word and Excel
  • Although I did not choose this class for my schedule, I am glad that I ended up in Computer Applications because it is a very helpful and more relaxed class.

What is the most important thing we learned in this class?

  • Although we have learned to use many valuable tools in this class, I think that the most important were how to write/set up a resume and how to navigate and use Microsoft Office because both will be very useful in the future.
  • To learn how to use Microsoft Office, we used the GCF website which provided tutorials and videos such as this one for formatting pictures in Word:

What were your top three projects that we worked on?

Project number 1

One of my top projects that we did in this class was the recipes PowerPoint presentation. I had fun finding recipes that I enjoyed or that I was interested in trying since I love to bake. I also enjoyed watching my classmates' presentations and seeing the recipes that they chose to write about. I liked this project in particular because it allowed me to choose a topic I was interested in and have fun with it.

Project number 2

For this project, we had to make a cartoon of ourselves using Google Draw. We used a video tutorial to guide us, and this was an interesting one since I have never done anything like it. Although it was difficult to make, I had a lot of fun creating my cartoon and was happy with the end result. I liked this project because it was something new and fun to make.

Project number 3

For this project, we had to make a flyer as well as a brochure for a carnival. I had a lot of fun designing them, and getting creative with fonts, colors, pictures, and format. In this project I learned how to create a brochure format on Google Docs. This was one of my favorites because I enjoyed the design aspect of the flyer.

Computer Apps: Conclusion

In conclusion, I enjoyed Computer Applications and would definitely recommend it to a friend. I learned how to use many valuable softwares and tools that I will be using throughout high school and into my career for sure. I also liked the relaxed environment of the class; it was a class I did not have to stress about and could look forward to.


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