The One week eco challenge un beau projet éco citoyen mené en anglais par les élèves des classes de seconde

In an effort to raise awareness and to protect the environment, the students of the Seconde classes took a one-week challenge. They tried to avoid fast food and eating beef. They also tried to recycle and reduce water and energy consumption.

The Eco-Challenge.


Last Tuesday, during our English period, we were introduced to the “Eco-Challenge” which consists in taking actions in our daily life to prevent climate change. Personally, I always try to take actions in order to be more eco-friendly, so I appreciated this challenge because it will make an impact on the planet. I was able to avoid beef by substituting it for fish and chicken. I reduced my energy use, by keeping the lights off during the day in my room, for the exception of a small desk light, and enjoying natural lighting. In addition, due to the current lockdown and the rise of the covid-19 cases, I did not leave the house so I did not use the elevator and I only ate homemade food. On the other hand, there were a few challenges that I couldn’t adapt. I couldn’t recycle or pick up lingering trash or make my showers less than 4mins. However, I reduced my waste in general and of water, as well as the length of my shower.

Overall I consider this challenge a success, whether I adapted all of them or not completely, I lived in a more eco-friendly way and will be applying this challenge in my daily life.

I took this challenge because it's eco friendly and it is a simple way to help protect the environment.

Racha Jaber

The first challenge was to avoid beef, which wasn't a big deal, unlike the second challenge since showering in four minutes was impossible. The third challenge related to recycling was something I apply everyday; I always tray paper, plastic, and glass. For the fourth challenge, reducing energy use, I used daylight instead of turning the lights on, For the fifth challenge, which is picking up trash, I couldn't do anything about it because of the lockdown. And finally avoiding fast food, it was easy to cook and eat home-made dishes. This one week challenge was fun and easy; I enjoyed it, but I only found taking a four minutes shower hard to accomplish.

I believe if people acquired these habits they would really make a difference and contribute in protecting our environment and our Mother Earth.



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